Home Decor Tips: Over The Bed Decorating Ideas

The space above your bed is the perfect area to display decorations. Since your bed is the main element in your room, emphasizing the space above it can help you establish a decor theme or even accent your room in a bold way. Whether you want to change up your decorations or if you have a blanket canvas to work with, there are so many different ways to decorate this space depending on the type of look that you want. Check out these simple over the bed decorating ideas that can add a lot of style to your space.

Display A Gallery Wall Above Your Bed

Over The Bed Decorating Ideas - gallery wall

Gallery walls are always a great way to decorate an eye-catching space. Set up a gallery wall above your bed to amplify that area of the room and elevate the style of your bed. Since gallery walls tend to look a little busy, they’re usually best for beds that don’t have a headboard or beds that have a more simple headboard. You don’t want to combine an elegant headboard with a gallery wall because it’s likely to clash.

Gallery Wall Ideas For Above Your Bed

There are many different ways to create a gallery wall, whether you want a bold artsy look or a more simple and chic look. Gallery walls can fit into almost any room decor style, and you can easily set up a look that you like. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some ideas for creating a gallery wall above your bed.

  • Hang up a gallery wall of artwork by framing pieces of different sizes. Put them up in a collage style display to get a creative and stylish appearance.
  • Use your own printed photos or Polaroid pictures to create a meaningful collage above the bed.
  • Create a gallery wall filled with wicker basket wall hangings.
  • Use a mix of framed artwork, macramé wall hangings, decorative accents, and more to create a unique variety for your gallery wall.
  • If you’re a fan of reading, you can create a gallery wall filled with book covers.
  • For movie buffs, decorate your gallery wall with a collage of small movie posters.

Use A Tall Headboard Instead Of Wall Art

Over The Bed Decorating Ideas - tall headboard

Over the bed decorating ideas aren’t just limited to using decorations. If you want a truly unique and comfortable look, you can instead opt for a tall headboard that reaches up to the ceiling. This is a great way to take up the empty space in a more sleek and simple fashion.

A ceiling height cushioned headboard is a nice choice if you want a comfortable and welcoming look. Many times, this will also give your room an upscale feeling. When paired with nice decorative bedding and a lot of throw pillows, a tall cushioned headboard will look extravagant. Another great thing about this type of headboard is that because it’s so stunning, you won’t have to decorate the wall with anything else.

If a cushioned headboard isn’t your style, you could do a ceiling height wooden headboard instead. This is perfect for a rustic or farmhouse look. You can even display string lights across the headboard or hang photos from it for a more personal and meaningful space. Tie everything together by using other wooden pieces of furniture throughout the room.

Add A Floating Shelf Above Your Bed To Display Accents

Over The Bed Decorating Ideas - floating shelf above bed

If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to display decorative accents, try hanging floating shelves above the bed. You can hang one floating shelf above the bed to match the width of your headboard, or you can hang a bunch of smaller ones as a unique way to fill up more of the wall.

Floating shelves work especially well if you have a short headboard or no headboard at all. The shelves can help you fill in the empty space and give you a unique decorative look with a variety of accents. Make your theme feel complete by using shelf decor within your color scheme. You’ll want to make sure the shelves complement your bedding and other decorations in the room.

Over The Bed Decorating Ideas: What To Display On Floating Shelves

  • Framed artwork or photographs
  • Small vases of flowers (real or artificial)
  • Sentiment signs
  • Tabletop sculptures
  • Decorative books
  • LED candles
  • Plants
  • Lanterns

Set Up An Accent Wall Behind Your Bed

Board accent wall in bedroom

Accent walls are always a great way to amplify the style of a room. If you’re looking for a big change in your room rather than just a decorative addition, creating an accent wall behind your bed is a nice choice. This will give you the opportunity to set up a unique backdrop for your bed.

Behind The Bed Accent Wall Ideas

There are so many different ways to create accent walls; the possibilities are endless. You can set up almost any type of accent wall behind your bed to amplify your bedroom. No matter what type of accent wall you choose, you can also combine it with some of the other over the bed decorating ideas from this list to make your space feel even more complete.

  • Paint the wall a brighter or darker color from the rest of the room
  • Set up a brick or stone accent wall
  • Use patterned wallpaper
  • Create a wood plank accent wall
  • Do a trendy board and batten accent wall
  • Paint the middle section of the wall directly behind the bed

Use Fabric Wall Hangings Above Your Bed

Fabric macrame wall hanging in bedroom

Wall art can amplify the space above your bed but artwork can get expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable over the bed decorating idea, using fabric wall hangings is a great alternative. This idea will still give you a nice decorative display while allowing you to stay within your budget. There are so many different types of fabric wall hangings that can work for the space above your bed. Check out some popular ideas below.

Fabric Wall Hanging Ideas

  • Tapestries
  • Macramé wall hangings
  • Framed table runner
  • Embroidery hoop wall art
  • Woven wall hangings
  • Fabric wall hanging planters
  • Fabric garlands
  • Decorative blankets or towels

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