How To Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall

The transition from summer to fall can seem sudden when it comes to home decor; however, planning a gradual transition is an easy way to make your home style come together. Instead of swapping all your decor at once, start by slowly bringing in fall accents towards the end of summertime. This gradual transformation will help you have a fully festive harvest home by the time the fall season arrives. From simple decor swaps to lighting to comfy additions and more, here’s how to transition your home from summer to fall to get ready for the harvest season.

Put Your Summer Decor In Storage To Make Room For Fall Decor

How To Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall

The first step in transitioning your home from summer to fall is to gather all your summer decorations and items to put into storage. The idea is to start putting away anything that either has a summer theme or gives off a warm summer feeling. This can be a gradual task; you don’t necessarily need to put away everything at once. Start with individual rooms, and continue to place items in storage as the summer season ends. Decorations can be the first to go, followed by more practical summer items that you might still need until the very end of the season.

Summer Items To Place In Storage

  • Decorations with summer themes and colors
  • Faux plants and flowers
  • Summer wardrobe and accessories
  • Outdoor seating (this can stay outside until the weather starts to get cold)
  • Summer scented candles
  • Lightweight bedding, curtains, and blankets
  • Summer pillows and seat cushions

Bring Comfort To Your Home With Warm Lighting & Fall Scents

How To Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall - fall candles

The fall season is all about comfort and coziness within your own home. As you shift your home from summer to fall, it’s important to start bringing in that comfortable aesthetic to make for a seamless transition to the next season. Start adding some comfy cozy elements to each room of your home to get ready for the fall season.

There are so many ways to add warm and cozy elements to different areas of your home. Through lighting, scents, and more, you can easily make the seasonal shift feel natural and normal. Check out some ideas below for inspiration on how to create that cozy feeling in your home.

Cozy Fall Elements To Add To Your Home

  • String lights & lanterns. Warm lighting is a great choice for your first fall addition to your home. Adding some string lights and lanterns to your home will give your space a cozy feeling without jumping too quickly into a fall theme.
  • Fall scented candles. Bringing fall scents into your home is another great way to gradually transition into the harvest season. Add some fall candles to your home with warm scents such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apple cider, bonfire, sandalwood, clove, and more.
  • Comfy fabrics. Adding comfortable fabrics throughout your home is another way to create a cozy fall environment. This can include faux fur blankets, large rugs, and plus towels.
  • Wood materials. Using wood materials strategically throughout your home is a great way to continue the warm feelings in your space. Add a new warm wood side table to your living room, use a wooden planter to hold fall flowers, add a wood accent chair to your home, and much more.

Add Some Subtle Fall Colors For An Easy Seasonal Transition

How To Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall - fall flowers

While summer color schemes are bright and bold, the fall season has more muted and warm colors. In order to make a smooth transition into the harvest season, you can gradually add fall colors to your home with the help of small accents and other items. This is a great way to make the transition less jarring and more natural.

How To Add Fall Colors To Your Home

There are many ways to bring fall colors into your home; however, you need to start in a more subtle way if you want that smooth transition. Find areas of your home where you can swap summer colors for fall ones, or areas that are lacking a solid color scheme. Here are some easy ideas for adding fall colors to your home in a small way towards the end of summer.

  • Add a fall flower arrangement to your coffee table or dining table
  • Hang up a fall wreath on your door
  • Lay out a fall garland across your mantel
  • Display orange and red candles throughout your home
  • Hang up fall colored towels in the bathroom
  • Use fall colored string lights throughout your home

Swap Your Throw Pillows & Linens For A Fall Style

How To Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall - fall blankets and pillows

Another easy way to transition your home from summer to fall is to swap out your throw pillows and other linens. As mentioned before, fall time is all about the warm and cozy feelings in your home, and swapping out fabrics is a great way to accomplish that. This is an especially great idea if you currently have light and flowy summer fabrics throughout your home.

Make sure to swap these fabrics and linens for thicker and warmer items. Popular fall fabrics include wool, faux fur, and thick cotton. Take note of these elements to include them in your decor spread throughout your space. If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out some ideas below for what to swap.

Fabrics & Linens To Swap For Fall

  • Throw pillows and blankets on the couch and bed
  • Rugs in your bathroom and other areas of your home
  • Window coverings and curtains
  • Comforters and bed sheets
  • Hand towels and bath towels

Add Pumpkins Gradually To Your Decor For A Smooth Transition

pumpkin decorations

Fall time comes with many iconic symbols, so it’s only fitting to start decorating with those symbols. However, if you want a smooth transition from summer to fall, you have to start on a smaller scale. The best place to start is by slowly adding pumpkins to your decor spread to get a subtle fall appearance.

Pumpkin decorations can come in all shapes and forms. Start by adding a few ceramic pumpkins to your coffee table and entryway table. Then, as the fall season gets closer, you can slowly incorporate more pumpkins through the help of wall signs, patterned pillows, and other themed accents. Starting with just a few pumpkin items will help give off that subtle fall transition without overloading your space.

In addition to pumpkins, you can also slowly incorporate other fall symbols and patterns. This can include things such as plaid, fall foliage, apples, and any patterns with red and orange color schemes. Bring these patterns in with small decorative accents – this will help you notice the change but it won’t give your space a full harvest transformation at once.

Create Small Fall Decor Spreads Throughout Your Home

hello fall mantel decor

Another simple way to transition your home from summer to fall is to create small fall decor spreads throughout your home. Small setups throughout your home is a great way to bring the fall feeling to your space in a subtle and seamless way. Find areas of your space where you can create these displays without interrupting the style of the room.

A great place to start is with your mantel. The mantel display in your living room can instantly establish the theme of your space; adding a small fall spread will help you transition into the harvest season. For instance, you can add a small fall sentiment sign with a couple decorative pumpkins. This may look very simple, but you can always add extra fall accents to your mantel as the harvest season gets closer.

In addition to your mantel, you can also setup small fall decor spreads in other areas of your home. This can include areas like the entryway table, coffee table, kitchen island, bathroom shelf, or bookshelf. Find small open areas to create these displays or even find areas with summer decorations that can be swapped for fall accents. These small changes will add to your home transition in a big way.

Start Prepping Your Home For Fall With Cleaning & Maintenance

home maintenance fall

In addition to transitioning your home from summer to fall with the help of decorations, you should also keep some home maintenance tips in mind. You’ll want to make sure your home is prepared for the fall season by taking steps ahead of time instead of waiting until the the last minute. Towards the end of summer, start your cleaning and home tasks to get ready for the cold weather ahead. If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out some tasks below to get started.

Summer To Fall Home Checklist

  • Get your gutters and home exterior cleaned
  • Check your windows and doors for air leaks and get them repaired if necessary
  • Take a look at your furnace or get it checked for any potential issues
  • Clean your fireplace
  • Prep your humidifier for the cold season
  • Check walkways, porch steps, and the driveway for any cracks and get them fixed
  • Do some general cleaning throughout your home (deep clean your carpets, donate old clothes, organize cabinets, etc.)

Now that you’ve learned some simple ways to transition your home from summer to fall, check out our Fall Harvest Decor section to get started on your decor! Find fall themed accents and more to make your home look festive for the new season.

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