5 Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas To Try In 2021

The fall season is filled with beautiful leaves, pumpkins, and cozy feelings. Bringing that aesthetic to your outdoor space can make your home feel even more comfy, warm, and welcoming. There are so many ways to decorate your front porch and other outdoor areas with fall themes and colors. No matter what type of decor style you enjoy, you can easily transform your space into a harvest theme for the season. From pumpkin decor to outdoor lights to cozy accents and more, here are 7 outdoor fall decor ideas to try in 2021.

1. Display Pumpkins In Unexpected Ways On Your Porch

Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas - pumpkins on porch

Pumpkins are a big part of the fall season and a must-have element of any fall decor spread. While you can simply display your carved pumpkins for a classic porch look, there are so many other creative ways to decorate with pumpkins. If you want a more festive outdoor space for the harvest season, consider decorating with pumpkins in new ways.

The great thing about decorating with pumpkins is that you can use real one or fake ones; you can make it work either way! Fake pumpkins are especially great if you want to display them for the entire fall season because unlike real pumpkins, they won’t rot. Whether you want a full pumpkin display or if you just want to add some simple pumpkin decorations to your porch, check out some unique front porch pumpkin decorating ideas below.

Unique Front Porch Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

  • Fill lanterns with mini pumpkins and solar string lights for a magical display.
  • Display pumpkins in planters and pots with fall flower arrangements for a colorful look.
  • Use pumpkins in a variety of bright colors (such as teal and pink) and set them up on your porch steps.
  • Make a planter out of a real pumpkin by scooping out the inside and drilling holes into the bottom.
  • Display pumpkins on each side of your front door on top of tall pillars.
  • Wrap solar lights around pumpkins and set them up as pathway lights up to your porch.
  • Set up an accent chair with a basket of pumpkins in different sizes and colors.

2. Create A Black & White Theme For A Stylish Fall Porch

Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas - black and white fall porch

While traditional fall style includes warm colors like red, yellow, and orange, you can still get a festive look with a more simple color scheme. If you want a more chic and trendy outdoor space, consider setting up a black and white color scheme for your fall spread. This is a great way to get into the fall mood without going over the top with a fully colorful appearance.

Black & White Fall Porch Decor Ideas

  • Decorate with black and white pumpkins for a chic look.
  • Use black lanterns with white solar candles to light up your porch.
  • Add black and white to your seating with cushions and throw pillows – use ones with fall sentiments and symbols.
  • Spray paint a fall leaves wreath black to hang on your front door.
  • Use a black and white fall themed doormat to match your space.
  • Set up white pillars with black painted pumpkins on top for a dramatic look.

3. Use Hay Bales To Elevate Your Outdoor Fall Decor

hay bales on porch

Much like pumpkins, hay bales are another strong symbol of the harvest season. Using them in your outdoor fall decor spread can instantly amplify the look of your space and make it feel even more festive. Whether you add some small hay bales to accent your porch, or if you create a stunning display with larger hay bales, you can easily achieve the look that you want.

If you’re looking for a smaller and more subtle appearance, you can place some small hay bales on a side table on your porch with a variety of small pumpkins on top. You can also do the same by setting up small hay bales on each side of your front door with pumpkins. For a more amplified look, set up large hay bales with pumpkins, sentiment signs, and other fall accents on top. This can be set up in front of your porch to set the ultimate festive fall scene.

In addition to using actual hay bales, you can also decorate with other hay and straw decorations to give off that natural fall appearance. Find fall decorations in those materials with wreaths, welcome mats, themed wall hangings, and much more. Fill your porch with hay and straw materials if you want to give off a farmhouse fall look or if you just want to create a rustic and charming space for the harvest season.

4. Display Lanterns & String Lights For A Magical Outdoor Fall Space

fall string lights decor

Since a huge part of fall is about warmth and coziness, you want to really elevate that feeling in your outdoor space. Decorating with a variety of string lights, lanterns, and other outdoor lights is a great way to bring that magical and comfy feeling to your porch and yard in the fall time. Take advantage of outdoor lighting when setting up your space for the fall season.

Whether you want a classic and simple look, or a more fun and festive harvest appearance, using solar lights is a great way to get the look that you want for your space. Lighting will make your porch and yard look truly magical and warm on chilly fall nights. Check out some easy outdoor lighting ideas for fall below.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Fall

  • Display solar lanterns along your porch pathway for a magical scene.
  • Wrap orange string lights around your porch railing for a colorful fall look.
  • Use solar lighted pumpkins on your porch steps for a festive appearance.
  • Display fairly lights throughout your outdoor space for a more simple look.
  • Use LED candles inside of fall themed candle holders on your porch side table or patio table.

5. Add Throw Pillows & Blankets To Outdoor Seating For A Comfy Fall Look

outdoor fall plaid throw pillows and blankets

Last on this list of outdoor fall decor ideas is to use throw pillows and blankets for your outdoor seating. Creating a comfy seating area in your outdoor space is an important part of having a welcoming fall appearance. Making your

Add a variety of throw pillows and blankets in fall colors and patterns to make your space look extra festive. Include patterns such as plaid or leaves, red and orange colors, fall sentiments, pumpkin designs, and much more to elevate your seating area. The more pillows and blankets you add, the comfier it will look and the cozier you will feel. Pillow and blankets are especially fitting for a bench on a covered porch.

In addition to pillows and blankets, you’ll also want to use comfy cushions for your outdoor seating to keep the cozy aesthetic going. Make your cushions match your themed pillows to make the whole look come together. You can also add other fall themed fabric wall hangings or a fabric door hanging to add to the soft and cozy look. Make your outdoor space feel as warm and welcoming as possible this fall.

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