6 Rustic Fall Farmhouse Decor Ideas

The farmhouse decor style features rustic elements that give off a charming and comforting feeling. If you want to incorporate fall decor into a farmhouse theme, you can easily combine these two elements. Since fall decor already includes a warm and cozy theme, it tends to work well with the rustic charm of the farmhouse style. There are so many ways to put a fall time twist on your rustic farmhouse home decor theme. Here are 7 rustic fall farmhouse decor ideas for a charming and festive home.

1. Decorate With Pastels For A Charming Fall Farmhouse Look

Rustic Fall Farmhouse Decor - pastel pumpkins on mantel

When you think of fall time, you probably picture warm colors like orange, red, and gold. While these colors will work well for your fall farmhouse theme, you can also consider a different color scheme for a more unique look. Use light pastel colors for your fall decor spread to get a soft and charming appearance. Keeping the color scheme light will help you create a more simple and subtle look for your home.

A pastel color scheme works especially well if you already have a white or gray color scheme in your home. Soft pastels will fit in well with your light scheme, and you can still put a fall twist on it to make your home look festive for the season. The best pastels for the fall season include light teal, blue, and pink. You can also include some neutrals within your decor such as beige and white to balance out your decorations.

Fall Farmhouse Pastel Color Decor Ideas

  • Light teal, blue, and pink decorative pumpkins
  • A fall sentiment sign with a pastel colored frame
  • Pastel flower vases with fall flower arrangements
  • A pastel bucket filled with pumpkins
  • Faux leaf door wreath in pastel colors
  • Throw pillows with watercolor fall designs
  • Pastel colored doormat with a pumpkin design

2. Use String Lights & Warm Colors To Soften Up A Rustic Kitchen For Fall

Rustic Fall Farmhouse Decor - fall decor string lights in kitchen

When giving your farmhouse kitchen a fall touch, it’s important to give it a softer look to fit in with the season. Fall time is all about feeling warm and cozy, while the rustic style emulates welcoming charm. Putting a soft twist on your kitchen can help you feel comfy for the entire harvest season without disrupting the rustic charm of the farmhouse style.

A great way to soften your farmhouse kitchen for fall is to bring in string lights and other lighted decor. Display string lights and fairy lights on your kitchen walls, showcase LED lanterns on your kitchen island, and intertwine string lights with leaf garlands across your kitchen cabinets. Warm lighting can instantly bring in that fall comfort throughout your kitchen. You can even use pumpkin shaped string lights for an extra festive touch.

In addition to lighted decorations, you can also use an assortment of fall themed accents in warm colors. This will help you maintain the charm of your rustic space but will also help you incorporate that festive fall feeling. Use pumpkin and leaf decorations for a traditional and simple fall look. You can also bring in some fall flower arrangements on your kitchen island or kitchen table to add some freshness to your space. Your warm color scheme can also be reflected through fall themed dishware and serveware throughout your kitchen.

3. Combine Plaid & Pumpkins For The Ultimate Rustic Fall Home

Rustic Fall Farmhouse Decor - plaid decor and pumpkin decor

Plaid is the perfect pattern for a fall farmhouse decor spread because it represents the flannel shirts of fall and the country charm of the farmhouse style. Take advantage of plaid patterns in your fall farmhouse style home to get the ultimate cozy and charming appearance. Find various ways to incorporate plaid into each room of your home and combine it with classic fall symbols.

Rustic Fall Farmhouse Decor: Ways To Incorporate Plaid

  • Use a plaid table runner on the dining table and display pumpkins on cake stands.
  • Add a plaid planter or vase on the coffee table filled with a fall flower arrangement.
  • Display a plaid table runner across your mantel as a base for other fall decorations.
  • Add plaid throw pillows to your couch combined with fall themed pillows.
  • Tie a plaid bow on top of a fall leaf garland on the front door.
  • Decorate with plaid patterned pumpkin accents.
  • Use plaid cushions on your kitchen chairs with a fall centerpiece on the table.
  • Display plaid dishware and serveware on the dining table in fall colors.
  • Add plaid canisters to your kitchen counters and display pumpkins nearby.

4. Stick With Neutral Colors For A Simple Fall Farmhouse Theme

Neutral farmhouse color scheme with plaid

If you want a more simple and subtle fall farmhouse theme, consider going with a neutral color scheme. Sticking with neutrals will give you a fresh look while maintaining the charm of the farmhouse style and the comfort of the fall style. You can even bring in small touches of fall colors into each room for some elements of surprise throughout your home.

Your neutral color scheme for your rustic fall farmhouse home should typically start with white as the main color. This will allow you to create a simple base for all your decorative accents. You can then incorporate other neutrals like gray, black, beige, or brown. Create the fall look by adding neutral plaid patterns, white pumpkins, subtle fall sentiment signs, and natural elements like branches and wood.

If you sill want to add pops of fall colors throughout your home, you can do so on a small scale to maintain the simple rustic charm. For instance, you can add a couple orange pumpkins to your bookshelf, you can use a couple gold throw pillows on the couch, you can hang up a fall leaves wreath above the mantel, or display orange LED candles inside of white lanterns. Find creative ways to add warm fall colors in tiny amounts to keep up with the subtle neutral charm.

5. Create A Cozy Rustic Fall Farmhouse Porch

Cozy Rustic Porch with Pumpkins

Your front porch is the perfect space to create the ultimate fall farmhouse look. That’s because your porch is a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the chilly fall weather. Setting up a cozy fall farmhouse porch will give you a comfortable and welcoming space to enjoy for the entire harvest season.

How To Set Up A Rustic Fall Farmhouse Porch

No matter how big or small your porch is, you can easily set up a rustic fall farmhouse style that fits into your space nicely. Check out some simple ideas below that you can incorporate onto your porch to create a cozy, comfortable, and warm feeling.

  • Start by adding some cozy elements to your porch seating. This can include fall themed throw pillows and a comfy throw blanket.
  • Use rustic displays for pumpkins – place pumpkins in a wooden box, show them off in a galvanized metal bucket, or place them on weathered wood pillars.
  • Set up white lanterns on your porch steps with orange LED candles inside them.
  • Wrap a leaf garland around your porch railing and intertwine solar string lights with them.
  • Add a coir doormat to your porch with a fall sentiment design or a pumpkin design on it.
  • Create hay bale displays with pumpkins and fall sentiment signs on top.
  • Hang a burlap wreath on the front door.

6. Bring Rustic Fall Charm Into Your Home With Mason Jars

Fall themed mason jars

Mason jars are a great option if you want to bring in some small accents for your fall farmhouse theme. These jars give off a rustic and charming vibe, and can easily be used in a variety of ways to elevate your spread of decorations. Whether you want to use mason jars in a simple and subtle way, or if you want to incorporate them into every room, there are so many options to fit any personal style. Check out some ideas below for inspiration.

Rustic Fall Mason Jar Decor Ideas

  • Use mason jars to display fall flower arrangements.
  • Create mason jar lanterns by placing fairy lights inside them.
  • Paint mason jars in fall colors to display in different areas.
  • Use fall colored mason jars to hold silverware on your kitchen table.
  • Decorate a mason jar with pumpkin stamps and use the jar to hold pens and pencils on your desk.
  • Fill a mason jar with mini pumpkins or faux leaves for a festive look.
  • Display branches and leaf stems inside of mason jars.
  • Cover mason jars in burlap to use as small storage containers.

Now that you’ve checked out some rustic fall farmhouse decor ideas, shop our selection of Fall Harvest Decor for even more inspiration! Find a variety of pumpkin decorations, plaid accents, solar porch decor, themed bed and bath collections, fall table linens, and much more to make your space feel complete for the harvest season.

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