Halloween Guide 2021: Decorating Ideas & More

Halloween is a fun time of year to decorate with crazy creatures, dark colors, flickering lights, and many other festive accents. No matter how big or small you want your Halloween spread to be, you can achieve the look you want with the help of decorations and themes. Whether you want to create a spooky theme, a festive spread, or just a friendly porch to welcome trick-or-treaters, this guide will help you get started. From how to start decorating to indoor and outdoor inspiration, here is a simple Halloween guide for 2021 with decorating ideas and more.

How To Start Decorating For Halloween

Halloween Decorating Ideas - How To Start

When the fall season starts, you decorate with simple harvest themes such as pumpkins and leaves, along with warm and cozy elements. While Halloween incorporates some similar symbols as harvest style decorating, there’s of course some differences that establish the Halloween holiday. Luckily, you can easily transition from fall decor to Halloween decor.

When To Start Decorating For Halloween

In short, you can truly decorate for Halloween whenever you want. However, the best time to start decorating for Halloween is late September into early October. You can even start small by adding a few Halloween themed accents throughout your home, and then gradually add more as it gets closer to Halloween. On the day or week of Halloween you can go all out to get into the festive spirit.

How To Transition From Fall Decor To Halloween Decor

Since fall decor has many similar symbols and elements as Halloween decor, the transition between the two is actually fairly simple. You don’t necessarily need to take away any of your fall decorations unless you’re trying to make room for a bigger Halloween theme. Here are some simple tips and ideas for transitioning from fall to Halloween decor.

  • Make your color scheme slightly darker. Fall decor includes warm colors like orange and red, while Halloween goes darker with black, purple, and orange. Add some small Halloween accents in darker colors to bring that color scheme in.
  • Add some more lighted decorations. Halloween gives off a more mystical and magical feeling, so bringing in more string lights or lighted decor will help you set the stage.
  • Keep your pumpkin decorations and add even more. Bringing in more pumpkins, especially jack-o-lanterns, will help you create the Halloween vibes.
  • Bring in some Halloween characters. Adding some character decorations like ghosts or witches will help bring in the Halloween theme. These characters will easily fit into your fall decor spread for a seamless transition.

How To Choose A Halloween Decor Theme

Barking Dog or Meowing Cat Skeleton
Walking/Talking Halloween Ghosts
Gothic Rose Halloween Decor

Before you start decorating for Halloween, you should think about what type of theme you want to create. There are so many different directions you can go in when it comes to Halloween decor, so having a plan can make the decorating feel easier. In order to choose a Halloween theme, you have to keep the following things in mind.

Choosing A Halloween Theme: Things To Keep In Mind

  1. What kind of vibe or feeling do you want to give off? For instance, if you want a more cheerful environment, you’d probably go with a more lighthearted theme.
  2. Do you have kids in the house? Many kids don’t like scary decorations, so you should consider keeping the Halloween decor more simple and friendly if you have kids.
  3. How much space do you have to decorate? If you have a small space, you might not even want to choose a specific theme – instead, you can decorate with general Halloween accents.
  4. How long do you want to keep the decorations up? If you’re planning on keeping a Halloween theme up for a long period of time, choose a theme that you won’t get tired of.

Popular Halloween Decor Themes

Halloween Decorating Ideas - Choosing A Theme

There are so many different Halloween themes to choose from that include a variety of different elements and characters. Whether you want to combine themes or go all out on one theme, you can easily get the look you want with the help of unique decorations. Check out some popular Halloween decor themes below; remember that this list isn’t all inclusive and there are an endless amount of ideas you can create.

  • Spooky: The spooky and scary theme is a classic go-to idea for Halloween. With creepy crawlers, frightening characters, animated decorations, and dark colors, you can create a full haunted house or just a scary porch. Scary Halloween decor is perfect for anyone who loves a good thrill.
  • Friendly: A friendly Halloween theme is the perfect choice if you have kids or if you like a more lighthearted style. Choose happy or silly characters, a more simple color scheme, and fun Halloween sentiment signs.
  • Traditional Harvest: If you’d prefer to keep the fall theme going without going overboard on Halloween elements, traditional harvest is a great choice. Simply leave your fall decorations the way they are, and just bring in some small Halloween accents like jack-o-lanterns and a couple of small Halloween character statues.
  • Halloween Character: This theme idea involves decorating with one specific Halloween character throughout your home. Choose any character you want such as witches, ghosts, zombies, vampires, skeletons, bats, black cats, and more. Halloween creatures and characters can make a great theme for your home.
  • Gothic: This style of Halloween decorating involves dark gothic elements without including specific Halloween characters. Decorate with darker colors, lace materials, and items like skulls and roses.

Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Life-Size Lighted Witch Trio
Seasonal Doormats
35" Skeleton

Decorating your outdoor space for Halloween is great way to get into the holiday spirit and to welcome trick-or-treaters with style. Whether you want to decorate your front porch with a spooky theme, light up your yard with unique characters, or just add some Halloween cheer to different parts of your outdoor area, you can easily transform your space.

When it comes to outdoor Halloween decorating ideas, the list is truly endless. There are so many different ways to decorate your porch and yard, depending on the style and theme that you want. For a more simple look, add some string lights and some subtle Halloween statues or signs. If you want to go all out, create a full theme on your porch with a unique spread of stakes on your front yard. Check out some ideas below for how to decorate your outdoor space for Halloween. Feel free to combine ideas for the ultimate look.

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space For Halloween

  • Wrap some orange and purple string lights around your porch railing.
  • Hang up a skeleton wreath on your front door.
  • Display an inflatable Halloween character in your front yard.
  • Create a spooky graveyard scene in your yard with tombstone stakes, skeleton hands, and other spooky accents.
  • Hang up caution tape and spider webs across your front porch with lighted decor nearby.
  • Decorate with a bat theme by hanging bats on the wall of your porch.
  • Display Halloween themed throw pillows and a blanket on your porch bench or chairs.
  • Set up Halloween character statues on each porch step.
  • Transform your yard with a variety of Halloween sentiment stakes.

Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Mantel Collection
Lighted Halloween Mercury Glass Bottles
Nevermore Halloween Throw or Pillow

There are so many different areas of your home where you can include Halloween decorations and create a fun theme. Filling your home with Halloween style can help you continue the festive feeling of fall mixed with the exciting feeling of the spooky holiday. Bringing in some magical lighted decorations, characters, and a plethora of pumpkins.

Whether you want to fill your entire home with Halloween decor or if you just want to decorate one area of your home, you can make your space feel festive for the holidays. From decorating your entryway table to accenting your mantel and more, check out some ideas below for decorating each area of your indoor space for Halloween.

How To Decorate Your Indoor Space For Halloween

  • Entryway: Transform your entryway into a Halloween theme. Lay out a stretchable spiderweb with a lighted haunted house on top and other Halloween statues. Create whichever theme you want with the help of decorative accents on the table and wall.
  • Kitchen: Hang up Halloween towels in the kitchen and display a pumpkin centerpiece on the kitchen island. You can also add small Halloween accents to the counters.
  • Living Room: Create a Halloween mantel in your living room. Hang pumpkin string lights across the mantel with LED candles and other Halloween accents on top. Hang up a Halloween wreath above the mantel to tie the look together.
  • Bathroom: Swap your current soap dispenser for a Halloween themed one and add some festive hand towels. You can even use a Halloween shower curtain if you want a bold look.
  • Bedroom: Display Halloween themed bedding or a throw blanket on the bed, decorate the dresser with lighted characters, and even hang up some Halloween wall art if you want a full theme.

Enjoy these Halloween decorating ideas and tips? Shop our selection of Halloween Decor & More to get started on your holiday decorating! Find a selection of decorations in spooky and friendly themes, accents that showcase your favorite Halloween characters, festive lighting, and much more to decorate your home for the holiday.

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