7 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the main symbol of the fall season, so it only makes sense to fill your home with them! Decorating with pumpkins is a fun way to spread festive cheer throughout your indoor and outdoor spaces. While you can simply show off pumpkins on your porch steps or on your mantel, getting more creative with your pumpkin displays can amplify the festive appearance even more. If you’re looking for unique ways to decorate with real pumpkins and pumpkin themed decor, think outside the box to make your home come alive this harvest season. Check out these 7 creative ways to decorate your home with pumpkins.

1. Set Up A Creative Windowsill Display With Pumpkins

Ways To Decorate Your Home With Pumpkins - windowsill fall display

When decorating your home for the fall season, try to find areas that could use a little more harvest spirit. Decorating the more hidden areas of you home can make your space come together in a fully festive fashion. If you’re looking for a new area to decorate your home with pumpkins, fill some empty windowsill areas with a fall display. This will make your space pop and it gives you the chance to add even more vibrant colors to the room.

You can easily decorate a small windowsill for fall, or even a window seating area for a bigger display. Combining pumpkins with other fall themed accents in this space will liven up this area of your room in a bold and unexpected way. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your windowsill with pumpkins and more, check out some ideas below.

How To Create A Fall Windowsill Display

  1. Start with a variety of different sized pumpkins. If you have minimal space to work with, use mini pumpkins to create a smaller scale display.
  2. Bring in some string lights or lighted decor to make the area look more magical.
  3. Then, add a fall sentiment sign or a fall themed character statue – you can use multiple signs or statues if you have the room.
  4. Finally scatter some faux leaves around the space to give it a fun touch of nature.
  5. Bonus: if you have a large windowsill seat, be sure to also add some cozy fall themed throw pillows.

2. Decorate A Ladder Shelf In The Bathroom With Painted Pumpkins

Ways To Decorate Your Home With Pumpkins - pastel fall ladder shelf

Take your fall theme to the bathroom by displaying pumpkins in a unique and creative way. Set up a ladder shelf in the bathroom to show off pumpkins and other fall decorations. Ladder shelves are an especially great choice to save space in a small bathroom because they make use of vertical space instead of taking over other areas. If you want to decorate a fall bathroom in an efficient way, a ladder shelf is the ideal surface to use.

You can truly create almost any fall theme or style with clever ladder shelf displays. Whether you want to paint pumpkins, use lighted pumpkins, or keep it subtle with more simple pumpkins, you can easily set up any fall look that fits into your bathroom style nicely. Read some ideas below to get inspiration for your fall bathroom.

Ladder Shelf Decor Ideas For A Fall Bathroom

  • Pastel Theme: Paint pumpkins a variety of pastel colors, along with white. Display the pumpkins on the shelf with white LED candles and green leaf garlands.
  • Lighted Theme: Display LED ceramic pumpkins on the shelf with string lights, LED candles, and lighted fall leaf garlands.
  • Classic Theme: Use a variety of different sized pumpkins on the shelf with fall sentiment signs, leaf garlands, and fall scented candles.
  • Solid Color Theme: Choose a single color to decorate your entire shelf with – display that color through painted pumpkins, candles, and other small fall accents.

3. Fill Your Fireplace With A Full Display Of Pumpkins

Ways To Decorate Your Home With Pumpkins - fireplace with pumpkins

For a classic fall look, you can easily display pumpkins on your mantel with other harvest themed decorations. However, if you’re looking for a more creative way to show off pumpkins in your living room, consider filling your fireplace with pumpkins for a bold appearance. This unexpected display will stand out in your space and it can set the stage for the rest of your fall decorations throughout the room.

How To Create A Pumpkin Display Inside Your Fireplace

There’s a variety of ways you can fill your fireplace with pumpkins, depending on the look you want. For instance, you can use different colored pumpkins to match your main decor theme, or you can use the classic orange pumpkin for a simple fall look. Whichever type of fall style you want, you can easily follow these steps to fill your fireplace with a pumpkin display:

  1. Start with your largest pumpkins on the bottom of the pile. Display these front and center to give off the full decorative effect.
  2. Then, fill in some empty spaces with medium sized pumpkins.
  3. You can then stack smaller pumpkins on top. Make sure to create a balanced look for a stylish space.
  4. Continue stacking the pumpkins – you can either stack them halfway up the fireplace or create a stack that fills in the entire fireplace.
  5. Lastly, add some string lights within your pumpkin stack to make it look even more magical.

4. Create An Elegant Fall Tray With Mini Pumpkins

Ways To Decorate Your Home With Pumpkins - elegant pumpkin fall tray

If you want to bring the fall theme to your home but you don’t want to sacrifice your elegant and chic home decor style, consider setting up a stylish fall tray with painted pumpkins and other accents. Not only is this a unique way to decorate your home with pumpkins, but it’s also a great idea that will bring the fall spirit into your home on a smaller scale.

Set up a nicely decorated tray almost anywhere in your home including the coffee table, kitchen island, bathroom counter, entryway table, or the dresser. If you already have a tray set up in your home, you can easily switch it up for fall. Take away some of your current accents and swap them for pumpkins and other festive accents. For some inspiration on setting up a chic and elegant fall tray, check out some ideas below.

What To Display On An Elegant Fall Tray

  • Painted or ceramic mini pumpkins in colors such as white, gold, silver, or black.
  • A clear glass pumpkin.
  • Pillar candles in fall scents.
  • A couple vases of fall flowers.
  • Decorative ceramic acorns.
  • A clear vase filled with faux fall leaves.

5. Use Pumpkins To Set Up Your Dining Table With Fall Style

Fall pumpkin place setting

Another way to decorate your home with pumpkins is to set them up on a festive dining table with other fall decorations. Creating a fall themed dining table is a great way to make your space look extra charming during the harvest season. Whether you’re having a dinner party or if you just want to keep a dining table display up all season, you can easily transform your table with pumpkins and more.

Pumpkins and other fall accents can be set up around the dining table in a variety of creative ways to match your decor style and theme. You can incorporate mini pumpkins, lighted fall decor, and other festive accents for a fun and bright table. Find some clever ideas below to get started on your harvest decor.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For The Dining Table

  • Use a mini pumpkin on top of each place setting.
  • Lay down a leaf garland or fall themed table runner across the table and place pumpkins across it.
  • Set up a tiered cake stand in the center of the table with mini pumpkins and other accents on it.
  • Scoop out the inside of a pumpkin and display fall themed faux flowers inside.
  • Display several glass lanterns in various sizes in the center of the table and fill them with mini pumpkins.
  • Create a fall tray centerpiece with a large pumpkin, a fall sentiment sign, and LED candles.

6. Set Up Hay Bale & Pumpkin Displays For The Ultimate Festive Look

Fall pumpkin hay bale display

There’s nothing more festive and charming than using hay bales within your fall decor spread. Display pumpkins with hay bales throughout your home to create the ultimate comfy autumn appearance. Set up hay bale displays on your porch, in your entryway, in the corner of the living room, or in other areas of your home.

You can easily create a simple hay bale and pumpkin display in any area. Stack several hay bales on top of each other to create the base of your display. Then, set up a variety of different sized pumpkins on top of the hay bales and on the floor surrounding the bales. You can use painted pumpkins for a unique color scheme or simple orange pumpkins for that classic fall style. Feel free to even use fake pumpkins instead of real ones to keep them up for the entire fall season.

In addition to displaying pumpkins on the hay bales, you can also add other fall decorations for a fully festive look. This can include decor such as vases of fall flowers or foliage, fall sentiment signs, lighted harvest statues, and even fall themed throw pillows. Get as creative as you want with your hay bale display and make sure to showcase the pumpkins front and center for an especially festive look.

7. Display A Pile Of Pumpkins On The Kitchen Island As A Vibrant Centerpiece

Pumpkin pile in kitchen

If you want to decorate with pumpkins in your kitchen and create a festive scene, make use of your kitchen island for a fun display. Since the island is the centerpiece of your entire kitchen, setting up your harvest theme in this area will make your space come alive and it’ll set the stage for the rest of your decor spread throughout the room.

The most simple way to display pumpkins on your kitchen island is to set them up in a creative pile. You can do this by setting up a couple of large pumpkins with smaller pumpkins stacked on top and leaning against them. This pile idea works especially well for spacious kitchen islands, but you can also create a smaller scale pile to save space. You can even create a pumpkin pile on your kitchen table or kitchen counters for an alternative festive look.

Other Ways To Decorate With Pumpkins In Your Kitchen

In addition to decorating with a pumpkin pile on the kitchen island, you can incorporate pumpkins in a variety of other ways in your kitchen. Check out some ideas below for autumn inspiration.

  • Set up a basket of mini pumpkins on the island.
  • Display pumpkins on a floating shelf above the kitchen sink.
  • Place pumpkins on a decorative tray with kitchen essentials.
  • Use lighted pumpkins inside of a clear glass shelf display.
  • Line the back wall of your counters with mini pumpkins.
  • Display pumpkins on top of kitchen cabinets with string lights.

Inspired by these 7 creative ways to decorate your home with pumpkins? Be sure to check out our Fall Harvest Decor section to make your decorating vision come to life! Find tons of unique pumpkin decorations, fall themed accents, LED candles, faux wreaths and floral, and much more to create a harvest theme in your home.

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