7 Ways To Decorate With Plaid For Fall

Plaid is the perfect pattern for the fall time because it emulates a warm, comfortable, and charming feeling. Including plaid in your decor is a great way to make your home feel more cozy for the harvest season. Whether you create a full plaid theme or simply add some small plaid accents to your home, you can transform your space to match the new season. You can add plaid to your home with the help of fabrics, fall themed items, decorative accents, and much more. From color schemes to plaid decor ideas for each room, here are 7 easy ways to decorate with plaid for the fall season.

1. Use Plaid Decor To Bring In A Warm Fall Color Scheme

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When it comes to fall time decorating, color schemes can make all the difference. A warm color scheme is typically the best choice for the fall season because it can make your home feel more comfortable during the chilly weather.

Use colors like red, orange, and gold to create a warm fall appearance throughout your home. You can easily bring these colors in your space with the help of fabrics, wall art, and decorations.

Incorporate your warm fall color scheme in your home with the help of plaid patterns. Plaid is a popular pattern for the fall theme because it’s homey and charming. Decorating with plaid decorations in warm colors can help establish the ultimate fall theme.

There are so many different ways to use plaid in your warm fall color scheme. You can hang up red plaid curtains in the living room, display orange plaid hand towels in the bathroom, or even hang up fall themed wall art that features a red plaid border. The possibilities for plaid decor are endless.

2. Incorporate Plaid Through Fall Themed Decorations

Decorative Plaid Plush Pumpkins

Another great way to decorate with plaid during the harvest season is to bring in plaid through fall themed decorations. Not only will this help you create an instant fall transformation, but it’ll also give you an easier way to work with the plaid pattern.

Think about fall symbols, sentiments, and common elements to include in your decorations. You can easily find fall themed decorations that featured plaid patterns. Whether you match them to your current color scheme, or create a contrast with a new color, you can create a nicely decorated space.

Here are some popular ideas for incorporating fall themed plaid decorations in your home:

  • Plaid fabric pumpkins
  • Fall sentiment signs with plaid patterned border
  • Leaf garlands with plaid accents
  • Fall door wreath with a plaid ribbon
  • Scarecrow figurines with plaid outfits
  • Fall scented candles on plaid candleholders

3. Use Plaid Bedding For A Fall Themed Bedroom

Plaid Pumpkin Bedroom Ensemble

A fall decor transformation typically will involve bringing in new fabrics to match the new season. In the fall time, you want to have thicker, warmer, and more comfortable fabrics to keep you cozy all season long.

Using plaid within your new fabrics is a great way to make your home cozy for fall. It can amplify your fall theme and it’s a nice way to include the pattern seamlessly.

Your bedding is a great place to start with your plaid fabrics. You can bring in a whole new bedding set, a new comforter, some new sheets, or simply add a new throw blanket on top of the bed. Whether you go big or small, you can easily set up that warm and cozy fall time appearance.

In addition to your bedding, you can also include plaid patterned fabrics throughout the rest of your home. This can include new curtains, rugs, hand towels, throw blankets on the couch, and even fabric wall hangings.

4. Warm Up Your Space For Fall With Plaid Rugs

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Since warmth and comfort is a big part of the fall season, you have to consider warmth in all areas and all levels of your home. Your floor is a huge area to think about when it comes to warmth; add plaid rugs throughout your home to elevate the coziness of your space.

There’s nothing better than walking around your home on a warm and comfortable surface. Rugs are not only comfortable, but they can also add an extra pop of decorative style into your home. They can also help you establish a strong fall theme throughout your home.

Use plaid rugs this fall for the ultimate seasonal look. You can stick to neutral colors like black, white, or gray for a simple look that complements your other decor. You can also use plaid rugs in bold colors to bring a brand new dimension to your space.

Add rugs in various areas of your home to keep everything feeling comfortable. Bring in a rug by the front door, a runner in the hallway, a cozy rug by the kitchen sink, a nice rug set in the bathroom, an area rug in the living room, and a decorative rug in the bedroom. Let the rugs set the stage for the decor style in the room or make them match your current fall theme.

5. Create A Plaid Themed Kitchen For The Fall Season

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You can use the plaid decor theme to elevate any area of your home. Wherever you want to create a warm and cozy aesthetic, you can easily set up through the help of plaid decorations.

Your kitchen is a great place to include plaid decorations because you probably spend a lot of time in this room. You want your kitchen to feel welcoming and homey during the chilliness of the fall season.

There are so many different ways to add the plaid pattern to your kitchen through various decorations and useful items. Check out some plaid patterned ideas below for inspiration:

  • Plaid vase filled with fall flowers on the kitchen island
  • Hand towels with plaid designs
  • Plaid canisters on the kitchen counters
  • Kitchen rug in a plaid pattern
  • Plaid tray or plates on display
  • Wall art with plaid frames
  • Plaid soap dispenser

6. Add Plaid To Your Fall Porch Decor Spread

Sets of 2 Indoor/Outdoor Pillows

The porch is the perfect setting for a spread of fall decorations. It’s an area where you can relax and enjoy the crisp fall air or where you can display fall time flowers and plants.

You can easily add the plaid pattern to your porch decor for the fall season through a variety of decorations and elements. This pattern will stand out nicely on your porch and will amplify the fall theme even more.

Whether you want to bring on a full plaid theme throughout your porch, or if you just want to add some simple plaid accents in this space, you can easily create a stylish and cozy porch. Here are some plaid porch decor ideas to get you started:

  • Plaid throw pillows or blankets
  • Doormat in a plaid pattern
  • Fall wreath with plaid ribbons
  • Plaid patterned planters and flower pots
  • Lanterns with plaid LED candles inside
  • Plaid chair or bench cushions
  • Garden flag with a plaid design

7. Decorate With Small Touches Of Plaid For A Simple Fall Look

Farmhouse Plaid Sentiment Candles

If you want to include the plaid pattern in your fall decor spread but don’t want to commit to a full plaid theme, consider decorating with small touches of the pattern instead. Using the pattern on a smaller scale can give you a charming fall time look without going overboard.

You can easily add small touches of plaid throughout your home with the help of decorative accents. Even the smallest accents with plaid designs can add a unique fall time touch to your home.

When decorating with a touch of plaid, think about the scale and size of your plaid patterned items, along with considering the other patterns in the room. For instance, if you have a room that already has a lot of patterns, you may not want to add any plaid in that specific space.

For areas of your home that include more simple designs and solid colors, you can bring in small plaid patterned accents like candles, small figurines, or even plaid storage containers. Find creative ways to incorporate plaid without making the space feel too dizzy. No matter how you decide to include plaid in your space, you can easily give your home a nice fall theme.

Now that you’ve gathered these 7 ways to decorate with plaid for fall, shop our Fall Harvest Decor section to get started on decorating! Find plaid patterned decor and other fall themed accents for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

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