How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy For Christmas

The holiday season is all about comfort, warmth, and coziness. Your bedroom is the perfect environment to create a comfy Christmas themed space all holiday season long. You can easily amplify the comfort and coziness in your bedroom for Christmas with the addition of pillows and blankets, warm color schemes, festive decorations, and much more. No matter what type of Christmas style you want to create in your bedroom, you can set up a beautiful space for the holidays. Here are some tips on how to make your bedroom cozy for Christmas.

Set Up A Christmas Tree For A Cozy Holiday Bedroom

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy For Christmas - Christmas tree bedroom

A great way to start off your Christmas decorating in your bedroom is to set up a fully decorated Christmas tree. If you already have a Christmas tree set up in another area of your home, you can create one in your bedroom with a completely different theme. This is a fun way to add some variety to your Christmas decorations and to make your home look extra festive and unique.

Adding a Christmas tree to your bedroom is also a great idea for setting up a comfortable environment. Christmas trees represent holiday cheer and welcoming charm, which will fit in well with your comfortable space. There are so many different Christmas tree themes that you can create in your bedroom to maintain a cozy area. Check out some ideas below for inspiration for Christmas ornaments and more tree decor accessories.

Christmas Tree Themes For A Cozy Bedroom

  • Classic Christmas: this style tree incorporates the traditional red and green color scheme with a focus on twinkly lights, classic Christmas sentiments, and popular characters like Santa, reindeer, and elves.
  • Winter Wonderland: a winter themed tree includes snowy elements, woodland animals, twinkly lights, and a mostly white color scheme.
  • Pink & Gold: to get a pink and gold tree, incorporate these colors through ornaments, ribbons, string lights, and other accessories.
  • Rustic Country: the rustic country theme includes wooden ornaments, barn stars, farm animals, red trucks, and galvanized metal ornaments.
  • Plaid: to get a plaid tree, incorporate the pattern through ball ornaments, ribbons, a tree topper, sentiment signs, and more.

Make Your Bedroom Extra Comfy With Christmas Themed Throw Pillows

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy For Christmas - christmas throw pillows

Every comfy bedroom needs an assortment of extra pillows on the bed. Using a large amount of throw pillows on the bed will make your room look extra comfortable and more homey. Be sure to set up a large selection of Christmas themed throw pillows on your bed to amplify your comfy holiday theme.

The more pillows you add to your bed, the more cozy and unique it’ll look. Use an odd number of pillows to get a comfortable balance in your space. Choose throw pillows that have holiday themes, while keeping your color scheme and decor style in mind. For instance, if you set up a country style Christmas tree, you’ll want to include throw pillows with charming sentiments and farm animal designs. If you have a mostly pink and gold theme, make sure to keep your pillows aligned with those colors. Keeping your throw pillows within your holiday theme will make the room flow smoothly.

There are so many different types of Christmas themed throw pillows you can find for your space. For a more general Christmas theme or style, find pillows that feature cheerful holiday sentiments, popular characters like Santa, reindeer, and elves, red and green color schemes, plaid patterns, and even sparkly accented pillows. Make sure to use a good mix of solid colored pillows and patterned pillows to keep your space looking calm and relaxing.

Create A Cozy Christmas Seating Area In Your Bedroom

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy For Christmas - Christmas chair

The coziness in your bedroom doesn’t have to stop at your bed. Creating a cozy seating area in the corner of your room is a great way to establish an extra comfortable space for the holiday season. Set up a festive Christmas seating area in your bedroom to amplify your holiday theme or to establish an extra element to fill up your space.

How To Create A Christmas Seating Area In Your Bedroom

There are so many different ways you can set up a holiday seating area in your bedroom, depending on the amount of space you have to work with, the type of theme you want, and many other elements. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get started, check out some general steps below for setting up a Christmas seating area.

  1. Start with your type of seating. You can simply use a cushioned accent chair, or if you have extra room, you can even use a small bench. Additionally, you can use more than one chair or bench depending on the size of your space.
  2. Next, it’s time to add your pillows and blankets, These will be your main sources of coziness in this space. Make sure to include throw pillows that match your Christmas theme, along with cozy blankets that are made of faux fur or flannel.
  3. Then, you can add a comfortable rug underneath your chair or bench. This can be either a faux fur rug or a Christmas themed rug. Make sure this rug is small enough to be contained within your seating area but large enough to be noticed.
  4. Finally, add some decorations to the wall near the seating area to make it look extra festive and unique. Use lighted wall art to make the space look extra magical.

Decorate Your Christmas Bedroom With A Cozy Color Scheme

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy For Christmas - white Christmas bedroom

When it comes to color schemes, the possibilities are endless for your cozy Christmas bedroom. While you can go with the classic red and green colors around your room, you can also choose a more unique color scheme to make your space look extra comfortable. If you want to get the extra cozy appearance, consider going for a softer and lighted color scheme. This type of color scheme will help give off a soft glow throughout the room without any harsh elements.

You can make your color scheme come to life with the help of various accents around the room. This can include a fully decorated Christmas tree featuring your chosen colors, string lights and lighted decor around the room, bedding and throw pillows, window curtains, wall art, an area rug, an accent chair, and festive accents on the dresser. There are many different soft colors schemes you can set up for your Christmas bedroom. Check out some popular ideas below for inspiration.

Cozy Color Schemes For Your Christmas Bedroom

  • Pink and white
  • Gold and white
  • Beige and green
  • Rose gold and beige
  • Gray and light pink
  • Silver and white

Add Some Plaid For The Ultimate Cozy Christmas Bedroom

Plaid Christmas bedroom

Plaid is such a defining patterns for the holiday season because it represents festive cheer mixed together with comfort and coziness. Using plaid in your bedroom can transform your space into the ultimate cozy Christmas room. Find creative ways to incorporate this pattern around your room, whether you use it in large or small amounts.

You can use almost any color scheme when decorating with plaid patterns; however, for a traditional look, use red or green plaid. If you want to use alternative colors, try to match other decorations around the room, including your Christmas tree, to maintain a stylish and calm space. If you aren’t sure how to include plaid in your bedroom, check out some ideas below to get started.

Plaid Decor Ideas For Your Cozy Christmas Bedroom

  • Use plaid bedding or add a plaid throw blanket to the bed.
  • Add some plaid throw pillows into your mix of other holiday pillows on the bed.
  • Display a plaid area rug or a smaller plaid rug by your corner seating area.
  • Hang up some Christmas wall art that feature plaid patterns.
  • Decorate with plaid ribbons around your room (for example, wrap some plaid ribbon around a wreath to display above the bed).
  • Hang up some plaid curtains on the windows.
  • Use plaid ball ornaments on the Christmas tree or other unique plaid ornaments.
  • Set up a plaid cushioned chair for your seating area in the corner of the room.

Fill Your Room With Candles & Lighted Decor For A Cozy Christmas Look

Christmas lights in bedroom

Lighted decorations are another must-have element to include in your cozy Christmas bedroom. Lighted decor can transform any room into a magical and cheerful space, and it can also elevate the comfortability of any room. Use a variety of lighted decorations throughout your bedroom in combination with your holiday accents for the ultimate seasonal space.

Christmas Lighted Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

No matter what style you have set up your Christmas bedroom, you can easily include a mix of lighted accents throughout the room. Lighted accents can make your room feel extra relaxing, especially at night. Create a magical and special space this holiday season with the help of lighted decorations. Check out some ideas below for your holiday room.

  • Hang string lights across the wall above your bed.
  • Display lanterns around your room.
  • Set up some Christmas scented LED candles around the room or on the dresser.
  • Use Christmas themed lampshades to display lamps on your side tables.
  • Hang up a lighted wreath on the door or above the bed.
  • Display lighted holiday themed wall art.
  • Hang up LED stars on the walls in Christmas colors.

Display Christmas Garlands & Wreaths For A Festive Cozy Bedroom

Christmas garland bedroom

In addition to your bedroom Christmas tree, you can also bring in other greenery to make your space look extra festive and cozy this holiday season. Adding garlands, wreaths, and more to your room can help you create an authentic Christmas look around your room. While you can simply hang a wreath and decorate a Christmas tree, there are many other greenery elements you can add to your bedroom. Check out some ideas below for your cozy holiday decorating.

Greenery Decor Ideas For Your Christmas Bedroom

  • Hang a wreath above your bed or on your door.
  • Wrap lighted garland around your bed frame.
  • Display lighted garland across your dresser.
  • Decorate with mini Christmas trees on your dresser or side tables.
  • Hang lighted garland on the walls in a “curtain” style,

Enjoy these ideas for making your bedroom cozy for Christmas? Check out our Christmas Decor & More section to get started on your bedroom decorating! Find lighted decorations, festive throw pillows, themed bedding, Christmas accents, and much more to make your holiday decorating more cozy and comfy.

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