5 Family Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

If you want to give a combined Christmas gift for a family this holiday season, you have to think about items they can enjoy together. Whether you’re shopping for a family with young kids, or if you’re shopping for a family of adults, you can easily find the perfect gift that they’ll all appreciate. Lakeside has you covered with friendly and meaningful gifts to give anyone on your list this holiday season. If you need some inspiration, here are 5 family Christmas gift ideas that everyone will love.

1. Give A Set Of Christmas Mugs For A Cute Family Gift

A great go-to gift for a family is a festive set of Christmas mugs. Mugs are a solid choice, especially if you don’t know the family that well. This is something that is very fitting for the holidays and something they can all use in their home.

You can even personalized each mug with each family member’s name to make the gift even more special. That way, each person will get their own little gift. Fill the mugs with candy and treats for a fun addition.

Other Kitchen Gift Ideas For A Family

In addition to mugs, there are other fun kitchen gifts you can give to a family this Christmas. Check out some ideas below!

  • A set of personalized drinking glasses
  • Festive Christmas plates
  • Christmas themed serving bowl filled with treats
  • Wine glasses for the parents and sippy cups for the kids
  • A fun kitchen appliance like an ice cream maker
Vintage Holiday Mugs

2. Give The Family A Game For A Christmas Gift

When shopping for a family Christmas gift, you have to think about something they can enjoy together. Games are the perfect gift to give a family because they can all participate in a fun family bonding night with your gift!

A Christmas themed game is even more fun because it’s something they can play together during their holiday gathering. Anything that encourages family bonding during the holidays is a great gift idea!

Game Gift Ideas For A Family

In addition to Christmas themed games, there are many other games and activities you can give to a family for Christmas. Check out some other ideas below.

  • Classic board games or card games
  • A gift card for an escape room
  • A crafting activity set
  • Homemade game
  • Puzzles
Family Christmas Games

3. Give Them A Family Themed Decoration For Christmas

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a Christmas gift for a family is to think about items that they can use in their home. Decorations are a fun gift idea because it’s something they can display in their shared space together.

Whether you know their decor style or if you just choose something they can look at and interact with daily, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

Home Decor Gift Ideas For A Family

If you’re not sure what type of decor items to get, check out some home decor gift ideas below to give to a family this Christmas.

  • Chalkboard or dry erase board
  • Photo frame for their family picture
  • Shadowbox for them to display memories
  • Decorative artwork
  • Little trinkets for each family member
Family Birthday Plaque

4. Give Them An Outdoor Toy For Christmas That They Can Enjoy Together

As mentioned earlier, anything that promotes family togetherness can make a nice Christmas gift for any type of family. Outdoor toys and activities are fun Christmas gift ideas that anyone will love, especially families with young kids.

Give them an exciting activity gift that they can use in their backyard together, or something that they can take on the go and use at a park or other outdoor area.

Outdoor Gift Ideas For Families

If you’re not sure where to start, consider the ages of the family members and the type of activities they typically enjoy. If you need inspiration, check out some outdoor gift ideas below that any family will be excited to receive.

  • Inflatable pool
  • Yard games
  • Sports items
  • Fun sprinkler toy
Bestway Sunsational Family Pool

5. Give The Family A Food Gift For Christmas

If you need a universal gift idea that anyone will love, a food gift is always a solid choice. When shopping for a family Christmas gift, a food gift is something that they can enjoy together.

Whether you give them a food activity kit that they can participate in making together, or if you give them a gift basket of treats to indulge in, they’ll appreciate this delicious gift.

Food Gift Ideas For A Family

There are so many different types of food gifts to give this Christmas. Check out some food gift ideas below that any family will enjoy.

  • Cookie decorating kit
  • Assorted candy cane set
  • Hot cocoa sampler set
  • Assorted chocolates
  • Cooking or baking kit
  • Ice cream sampler set
Holiday Designer Cookie Kits

Enjoy these family Christmas gift ideas? Shop our Gift Ideas & Personalized section for even more holiday gift inspiration for everyone on your list!

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  1. I ordered 6 sets of your ‘jumbo Tic Tac Toe games’ and transformed them from plain to precious by painting and decoupage for a family game to display in a prominent place in the family room. For less than $20 you can have a beautiful ‘family’ gift for your loved ones that they can pass down for years to come. If you would like to see a picture of mine just give me a place to upload the pic. Now some of my friends are ordering these for me to re-do for their coffee tables.

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