5 DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

If you’re on a budget this Christmas, getting crafty can pay off big time. Making your own stocking stuffers for your kids this Christmas is a great way to stay within your budget while giving them something fun and creative. There are so many different stocking stuffer items you can make or put together for cheap. No matter what type of DIY stocking stuffers you give them this Christmas, they’ll be excited to play with each item. From DIY slime to homemade treats to handmade stuffed animals and more, here are 5 DIY stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

1. Give Them Some Handmade Christmas Slime In Their Stocking

DIY Christmas slime

Kids love slime, so why not make your own to put in their Christmas stocking! Make a winter themed or Christmas themed slime to make it even more fun and fitting for the holidays. This is a great stocking stuffer for younger kids who like to play with their hands. They’ll be excited to play with the slime right away!

Supplies Needed

  • 8-ounce bottle of white glue
  • 2 tablespoons of contact saline solution
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • Food coloring (blue for winter theme, red or green for Christmas theme)
  • Winter or Christmas themed beads or confetti

How To Make Christmas/Winter Slime

  1. Start by mixing together the glue and the food coloring in a bowl.
  2. Next, mix in the baking soda.
  3. Gradually mix in the saline solution. The more solution you add, the less slimy it will be. Feel free to add more or less based on how you want the consistency to be.
  4. Finally, knead the slime with your hands and add in your beads or confetti. Make sure to keep kneading the slime until it’s no longer wet and gooey.
  5. Store your slime in a mason jar or a zip top bag to place in your kid’s stocking.

2. Give Them A Handmade Stuffed Animal In Their Christmas Stocking

Handmade teddy bears

Stuffed animals are another gift that young kids would love to receive in their Christmas stocking. While there are many affordable stuffed animals that can make great gifts for kids, a handmade stuffed animal can be even more special to give them. Make your own adorable teddy bear or craft a bunch of mini stuffed animals to include in their Christmas stocking.

Whether you knit a cozy stuffed animal with a comfy sweater fabric, or if you sew a stuffed animal with a faux fur fabric, you can easily make a cute gift that they’ll love. You can make a classic teddy bear or think about their favorite animal and make them something you know they’ll get excited about.

Other Cozy Handmade Gifts To Include In Their Stocking

In addition to knitting or sewing stuffed animals, you can also make some other cozy handmade gifts to include in their Christmas stocking. Check out some other ideas below that kids will love.

  • Knitted scarf
  • Handmade cozy socks
  • Knitted mini purse
  • Handmade cozy winter hat
  • Give them a handmade stocking

3. DIY A Boredom Jar To Put In Your Kid’s Christmas Stocking

Kids boredom jar

If you’re looking for a simple DIY stocking stuffer gift for kids, consider making a boredom jar. This is a jar that’s filled with fun activity ideas. They can go to this jar whenever they’re bored and pull out an activity to go and do. It’s a fun item to add to their stocking because it’s something they can keep in their room and use whenever they want.

How To Make A Kids’ Boredom Jar

Making a boredom jar is incredibly easy and affordable. All you need is a mason jar and some popsicle sticks, along with colorful paint or makers and optionally, some stickers. You can truly make the boredom jar feel customized to your kids. Check out some simple steps below for creating this jar.

  • Start by decorating a mason jar. You can make it simple by taping a piece of “boredom jar” construction paper to the jar, or you can pain the jar itself. Make sure to make it colorful or glittery to make it extra exciting for kids
  • Next, it’s time to write out your activities on popsicle sticks. Think about easy and fun activities they can do in the house whenever they want.
  • You can even divide the activities up by different categories. Label the categories by adding various colored star stickers to each stick. Make sure to include a color guide so they’ll understand which category is which.
  • Add your sticks to the jar – you now have a perfect stocking stuffer!

4. Make Your Own Christmas Snow Globes To Put In Their Stocking

Homemade Christmas mason jar snow globes

Another great DIY stocking stuffer idea for kids is to make your own Christmas snow globes out of mason jars. Snow globes are fun for kids to shake up and watch the magical glitter falling down. You can even simply include the snow globe supplies in the stocking and craft the snow globes together on Christmas day.

Supplies Needed

  • Ornament, mini tree, or pinecone
  • 2 tablespoons glitter
  • 2 ounces clear glue
  • 1 cup warm water
  • Mason jar
  • Hot glue gun

How To Make A DIY Mason Jar Christmas Snow Globe

It’s surprisingly easy to make a beautiful and magical mason jar snow globe for Christmas. Feel free to use an ornament for your jar, or use a mini tree. You can even use a pinecone or a small toy to make a unique and fun snow globe. Check out the easy steps below to make a snow globe to put in your kid’s stocking.

  1. Start by hot gluing the ornament, mini tree, or pinecone to the inside of the mason jar lid. Make sure to set aside until dry.
  2. Next, add your 2 ounces of clear glue into the jar. Pour in 1 cup of warm water and stir together.
  3. Then, add glitter into the jar and stir together. Make sure to use a colored glitter to get the full effect.
  4. Once your glued ornament is dry, carefully place the lid onto the jar with the ornament facedown.
  5. After you’ve secured the lid to the jar, you can then turn the jar over.
  6. Put it in your kid’s stocking – they’ll have fun shaking the globe and watching the glitter fall!

5. Give Them A Jar Of Cookies Or Treats In Their Christmas Stocking

Gingerbread cookies

Another easy and fun DIY stocking stuffer for kids are food and treats. Include a jar filled with Christmas cookies or another homemade holiday treat. This is a perfect item that will fit nicely in their stocking and is a great gift idea to fit within your holiday budget.

Homemade Christmas Treats To Put In Their Stocking

There are so many different homemade Christmas treats that make great stocking stuffers. Make some Christmas themed treats that feature fun characters like Santa, reindeer, snowmen, and much more. They’ll love trying some tasty treats for the holidays! Check out some ideas below to include in their stocking.

  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Mini snowman donuts
  • Homemade chocolates
  • Hot cocoa mix jar
  • Christmas candy trail mix
  • Reindeer cake pops

Enjoy these DIY stocking stuffer ideas for kids? Check out our Stocking Stuffers section to find affordable gift ideas for the holiday season!

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