New Year, New Kitchen: 5 Kitchen Refresh Ideas

When your kitchen is organized, efficient, well stocked, and squeaky clean, you’ll be more likely to want to spend time in there cooking. And when you really take the time to cook in your kitchen, you’re more likely to prepare healthy foods that make you and your family feel rejuvenated, ready to start the new year on a positive note.

Here are 5 easy ways to refresh and update your kitchen:

1. Get organized.

Preparing meals is virtually stress-free when everything is in its place—and easy to find when you need it.

Perfect Pantry sets include baskets with handles, plus innovative can organizers so you can easily take stock of what you have—and grab what you need quickly. In the fridge, food says fresh (and clearly in sight) with Farberware storage containers. On the counter, your favorite cookbooks stay in one place with a burlap Cookbook Storage Bin that doubles as stylish décor.

2. Do a little cleaning.

No need to wait for spring to spruce up the surfaces in your kitchen. A clean kitchen (at least before you start cooking) is a happy kitchen!

Stash sponges and other dish-cleaning essentials in a Sophisti-Clean Double Sink Caddy; water drains out the bottom, not all over your counters or floor.

To reduce the amount of crumbs that end up on the floor, try a Silicone Gap Cover that slips right in between the stove and the counter. If the floor still gets dirty, reach for a broom or mop that you keep nearby in this handy wall rack.

We make cleaning the microwave easier, too; just fill this volcano-shaped steam cleaner with water and vinegar, heat it in the microwave, and let the resulting steam do all the work. You can even add a few drops of lemon juice to leave the whole kitchen smelling fresh and clean!

3. Restock the essentials.

Just as food has a shelf life, so do kitchen items like spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks, and other utensils.

First, go through each one, checking for stains, cracks, or other flaws, and treat yourself to new ones as needed. Then make space in a cluttered drawer by corralling your most-used utensils into a caddy on the counter. This Utensil Set comes with 7 essentials and a matching holder, which adds a welcome splash of color to the room.

Also check your pantry staples, like oils and spices, for expiration dates, and if they’re outdated, purchase new ones to ensure optimal freshness and taste. Speaking of spices, there never seems to be room for all of them, does there? Try this unique Rolling Spice Rack that easily slides into any narrow opening, like between the fridge and the counter. It fits cans, too!

4. Create storage where you thought there wasn’t any.

Even in a tiny kitchen, you can carve out additional places for storage if you get creative.

Save room in your cabinets with Vertical Plate Racks and Cabinet Shelves, and if you’ve got available wall space, you can free up even more cabinet shelves with a Coffee Mug Rack.

Our Buffet Cart and Expandable Metal Storage Basket are on wheels, making it easy to just roll them to wherever you need them.

5. Add pops of color.

Bright and cheery kitchen accessories and textiles help freshen up the room in a jiffy!

Choose a theme for your décor, like colorful lemons, then add matching dish towels and a tablecloth for a perfectly coordinated look.

New kitchen rugs also add welcome splashes of color, plus they help keep feet comfortable and floors clean!

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