Simple Home Improvement Ideas for the New Year

It’s a new year, the perfect time to tackle those essential home tasks, inside and out.

Although “home improvement” can often mean really big (and expensive) projects, it certainly doesn’t have to. We’ve got you covered with low-cost home-improvement ideas you can handle yourself in a jiff!

1. Products that help you protect your family

Winter’s cold brings icy, snowy conditions that can be totally uncomfortable and downright dangerous.

In front of your home, provide a safer, nonslip surface by installing rubber stair treads and a rubberized doormat. Slippery outdoor surfaces are also easier to see when the walkway is well-lit, like with pathway lighting or a motion-sensor light.

Keep snow and ice from forming on your car’s side mirrors with these handy drawstring covers, and stay cozy and warm inside your car with a quilted seat cushion that also has a handy pocket for keeping essentials within reach.

2. Products that protect your home—inside and out

A frozen outdoor faucet is a disaster, and expensive to repair. Guard against freezing (and cracking) of faucets with Thinsulate® Outdoor Sock Faucet Covers.

Inside, you can get more life out of your washer and dryer and protect floors from scuffs and scrapes at the same time. Anti-Vibration Pads tucked under each corner of your appliances reduce shaking and pulsating, and they cut down on the noise, too.

Furniture can damage floors, too, so try Floor Protector Socks that can be used on any furniture with legs.

3. Products that help you save time and money

Never waste another drop of laundry detergent again! Laundry Room Tidy-Cups catch every bit of liquid before it messes up the floor.

In the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, save on water when you install faucet aerators; the double-gasket design prevents that annoying (and costly) drip-drip-dripping.

4. Products that keep you organized

When everything is in its designated place, you don’t have to spend valuable time searching for it.

Keep cleaning tools like your mop and broom within reach with an easy-to-install wall organizer. Meanwhile, cleaning supplies stay contained in handy Stick & Slide Organizers that install easily inside a cabinet.

5. Products that get you ready for spring gardening

Dreaming of warmer weather already? Take time now to do a few things around the house that will make spring gardening (and other yard work) easier.

Cover outdoor furniture to keep off dirt, leaves, and snow, then come spring, you won’t have to spend time hosing it off.

Have fun planning your garden now, so you’re ready to go when it’s time. A Raised Garden Bed is a great solution for those with limited yard space, and it’s easy to install, too!

A Steeple Greenhouse creates a nourishing environment for growing your plants, or it can also be used now, to cover and protect existing plants.

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  1. DG says:

    The Laundry Room Tidy Cups are great! No more messy detergent drips!

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