Repurpose with Purpose in Your Garden

We’ve all heard the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and it doesn’t just mean collecting your newspapers, bottles, and cans. The same basic principles can also be used in the garden as we prepare our yards for spring planting.

Repurpose scraps into compost.

Leftover food scraps, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, even shredded newspaper can be tossed into a Collapsible Compost Bag. When everything has properly broken down, the resulting compost is a hearty, nourishing soil amendment for the plants in your garden.

The lightweight bag has convenient handles so you can move it to where you need it in the yard. It also folds neatly for storage when not in use, but we suspect you’ll want to use it all year-round.

Tip: Keep a Compost Bin on your kitchen counter for food scraps. Once the bin is full, take it outside and dump the whole thing right into your composter. (Don’t worry; the lid seals in odors.)

Repurpose rain water for your plants.

Catch the water that’s falling from the sky with a Collapsible Rain Barrel. Just place it beneath a downspout, then attach your hose to the bottom when your plants get thirsty. A mesh screen filters out leaves and other debris. Like the compost bag, it’s lightweight and folds neatly for storage.

Tip: Keep your hose nearby on a handy Hose Reel that helps prevent tangling. The hose is included, and it comes with a spray attachment that has seven settings.

Repurpose unused items as planters.

We’ve all got old or unwanted household items that could be turned into unique planters in the garden—but let’s face it, who has time for that? We’ve done all the work for you with these clever planters that make it look like you spent hours sawing, hammering, and painting.

  • Rustic Garden Tool Planters look just like you took your rusty rake and shovel and turned them into decorative and functional accents for your yard. They each come with two vintage-looking pots, and they can be hung on—or leaned against—a fence or wall.
  • Antique-look miniature bathroom pieces turned into Garden Planters give your yard a country-farmhouse feel. The distressed-look metal planters can stand on their own, or they’re lightweight enough to hang from an outdoor wall or fence. The bathtub faucet even has a little birdie perched on top!
  • Half-Barrel Planters are nice and roomy, perfect for larger plants. They’re lighter than the real thing, and more durable, too!  

Tip: Make quick work of planting flowers when you use SeedBallz. You get eight clay balls loaded with seeds, and you just drop them into the soil, no tilling or digging required!

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