Set Up Your Home Office In Four Steps 

Home Office Decor ideas

A functional home office has become an essential for most households, and if you are ready to revamp with cool home office decor, we can help you tackle the updates in an easy-to-follow method. By breaking down the room into four areas you can approach the design restyle in a method that won’t feel overwhelming. 

1) The Core Floorplan 

If you can, pull everything out of the office area so that you can look at it as a blank slate. Do you conduct a lot of online meetings? Figure out the wall which will make the best background for those meetings. If you are willing to paint, shades of blue are gaining in popularity for virtual backdrops. Or, go bold and try a wallpaper; just keep it from being too busy. Fun tip: use Chalkboard or Dry Erase Wallpaper for notes or to display clever messages behind you during meetings. 

Find a desk with the right amount of surface for your type of work, such as our Writing Desk with Storage and place it 3 feet from the wall so you have room to move. Use a Cable Management Box to keep cords from looking unruly, especially since they are more exposed with a desk away from the wall. 

Use a decorative floor protector under your desk, such as a 4 ft. x 6 ft. Anti-Slip Bamboo Rug. This eco-friendly rug looks better than a thick plastic mat, will keep your carpet or hardwood safe and is better for the environment.  

2) Supporting Cast of Furniture  

Now that you have the desk space settled, it’s time for the other pieces that will help you be your best office self. Wall shelves are great for displaying home office decor as well as keeping essential items such as books or tools within easy reach. An Oval Metal Wall Shelf won’t take up floor space, but offers plenty of room for your essentials. Another option is Wide Column Wall Shelves, which make a great impact for the most-often needed books or a clock.  

Keep comfy and kick your feet up on a Foldable upholstered Rocking Footrest. If your level of comfort requires standing from time to time (we recommend this!) then have a 2-Tier Adjustable Height Rolling Desk on hand so that you can work while standing or get out of your office for an at-home work-cation.  

3) Get Organized 

If you find yourself sorting mail, a Shutter Wall Clock with Organizer or desktop Farmhouse Chic Mail Organizer Box are just the items for you. Do you have a lot of miscellaneous stuff? Our Set of 3 Desktop Organizer Crates are literally made just for that need and their clever design adds to your home office desk decor. Keep files stored out of site in a beautiful Seagrass Rolling File Organizer that has wheels to easily move it where you need it. 

4) Finishing Touches 

Finish off the space with fun home office decor! Want to help pass the hour-long meetings with a sea of sand? Our 14” Decorative Hourglass in the background of a meeting should help with timekeeping, but if not, it’s at least relaxing to watch. Need a more modern method of timekeeping? The Multicolor Clock is a great decor accent on your office wall. Our Home Office Decorative Accents and Buffalo Plaid Home Office Collection fill in as more cute home office decor such as wall signs, a lamp, bins and date keepers.  

With a finished office space that was tackled in four steps you’ll find yourself more productive in no time. Since you will soon have more time on your hands, check out our other decor and tools for efficiency in your home. There is so much more productivity to be found!  

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