Lakeside Selections: Summer Grilling Supplies

The warmer it gets, the more we start moving our cooking activities onto the patio and into the backyard. Summer is grilling season. With Memorial Day this weekend, Fourth of July not too far away, and all the warm summer days on the horizon, it’s time to roll out the grill, clean it up and get ready for the barbecue season. Brainstorm recipes, scour grill grates and get cooking with these great summer grilling supplies.


Easy Grill Upkeep
Before you can get cooking you need to make sure your grill is in tip-top shape. Set of 2 Magic-Stone Grill Cleaners removes food residue and encrusted grease with ease. Made of a long-lasting, odorless, nontoxic material, Magic-Stone is easy on the hands and doesn’t have brush bristles or spikes that can break off and get into your food. They can also be used to clean hard stones, iron, porcelain and enameled surfaces.


Medium Rare Recipes
Once you’ve got the grill clean you’re ready to start planning your recipes. The Foil Packs for the Grill & Campfire Cookbook gives you plenty of ideas for mouthwatering meals with minimal mess. Each recipe offers directions for using foil packs on the grill or over the campfire. Grill mouth-watering entrees for the entire family. When the meal is finished, eat right out of the aluminum. Spiral-bound softcover, 64 pages.


Gear for the Grill Master
You’ve got your menu planned out. It’s time to execute. The 4-Pc. BBQ Grilling Station keeps you organized throughout your cookout. It has two plastic containers—one for raw meat and one for cooked meat—to avoid cross-contamination. Each container has a ridged bottom that lets marinades flow freely. The condiment tray attaches to either container to keep sauces and spices handy. Top rack dishwasher and freezer safe.


Flip with a Fine Touch
If you like to grill a variety of different foods during the summer, you need a grilling tool that allows you to easily handle whatever you got cooking. No matter what’s on the menu, Better Tongs will turn you into a barbecue guru. This innovative kitchen tool flips food like a spatula and lifts like a pair of tongs. Nonstick nylon spatula has a beveled edge and a stainless steel wire head for effortless turning. Dishwasher safe.


Covered and Clean
It’s important to keep your grill in pristine condition between your grilling sessions, especially if it’s exposed to the elements. NFL Grill Cover puts a protective barrier between your grill and the unpredictable summer weather. Its durable vinyl design offers protection against wear and tear. Withstands temperatures between -20°F and 140°F. Straps and tie downs keep the cover secure. Includes a snap-close bag for storage.

No Sunroom, No Problem: How to Create a Sun Space


During the warm summer months, most of us want to get out in the sunshine as much as possible. One of the best ways to enjoy the seemingly endless string of sunny days is relaxing on your favorite chair in the sunroom. Yet, for most homes, having a room specifically designed for soaking up sun, heating purposes or to grow plants in the proper light is a bonus, a luxury, something that could be added on to the house, but with a lofty price tag. Fortunately, if your windows face the right way, you can turn any ordinary room into a relaxing sun sanctuary. Here are a few easy do-it-yourself tips on how to create a sun space in your home.

East and West-Facing Windows
Windows facing east or west are usually the best for seeing the sun. If you prefer to enjoy your sun space in the morning, try to find a room with windows facing east. If you’ll be doing your relaxing in the afternoon, try to locate a room with windows facing west. It’s also worth noting that windows facing north are least likely to get the most sun, while windows facing south often receive a strong portion of sunlight throughout the day.


Optimizing the Windows You Have
Once you have your orientation figured out, it’s time to start crafting your sun space. Because you won’t be adding any windows, you’ll need to optimize the windows you already have to draw in the most rays. Glass can easily be obstructed by dirt and dust, which can take a major toll on the amount of sunlight and warmth you can usher into your room, so the very first step is to thoroughly clean all your windows inside and out.

Carving Out Your Mini Room
In order to make a sun space, you’ll have to sacrifice some square footage. The best way to make your sun space feel like its own room is to create a partition between the larger room and the space near the window. This can easily be done with a freestanding bookshelf or partition. If you really want to make your room feel like a sunroom, you could decorate the walls with repurposed windows or add a vintage door as a divider.


Filling It with Furniture
At last your room is divided and starting to feel like an entirely new space. Now it needs some furniture. In the spirit of the sunroom, adding some comfortable seating to relax and bask in the sunlight is a must. With comfortable seating, you could spend time in your sun space doing a variety of activities. Add a small table and a couple chairs to create a sunny café-style lounge, and don’t forget to add some plants and flowers to soak up all the super bright, nutritious sunlight funneling through your clean, clear window panes.

Whether you’re looking for some new furniture to create your partition, in need of some cleaning supplies to scrub your windows or anxious to add some colorful plants to your home, LTD Commodities is the place for you. Check out our selection of gardening essentials, cleaning accessories and outdoor summer furniture.

Lakeside Selections: Rainy Day Activities for Kids

For kids fresh out of school and excited for summer vacation, waking up to a gray, rainy day can be pretty disappointing. Games are cancelled. The grass is a muddy mess. Lightning branches across the sky and puts puddle-splashing plans on hold. Thankfully, for most kids, the disappointment is temporary. It’s summer vacation, and there’s still plenty of fun, creative activities to do indoors. Here are a few rainy day activities for kids that will help pass the time and transform a drizzly afternoon into an exciting indoor adventure.


Creative Campsite
When the rain is falling, the living room can be just as appealing as the backyard. With a Build-a-Fort Kit, kids can construct their very own fortress. Use the fabric panels, rope, clips and suction cups to design the fort. Once it’s built, kids can bring their toys inside and use the included glow wands as an exciting way to illuminate a favorite activity. Kit also includes a storage bag. Adult supervision suggested during assembly.


Rain Delay Ready
Just because the ballgame is delayed doesn’t mean your kids can’t spend an afternoon on the diamond. They can easily celebrate their favorite home field with the MLB 1,000-Pc. Panoramic Puzzle. The large puzzle is perfect for the entire family, satisfying puzzle enthusiasts as well as die-hard baseball fans. Each puzzle offers a sweeping view of their favorite field from inside the stadium, and the humongous piece count provides a challenge that rivals hitting a grand slam or striking out the side with runners in scoring position.


Sci-Fi Solution
A rainy day is the perfect occasion for a little friendly competition. With the dual player Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag game, kids can score hits by firing invisible infrared beams. With each direct hit, the spaceship-shaped shooter makes intergalactic sound effects and vibrations. The shooters have a dome on top that lights up and an easy-to-grip handle with a ‘fire’ button. Effective shooting range up to 33 feet. For indoor and outdoor play. Reset and reload button. On/off switch. Requires 6 “AAA” batteries.


Great Mind Game
Whenever your kids need a break from running around, they can still enjoy a friendly, competitive activity at the table or on the family room floor. With the Wood Shut the Box Game, kids have the opportunity to hone their math skills while trying to defeat their opponents. A traditional game of counting and probability dating back to the 18th century, the strategy game involves rolling dice and using combinations to shut down your numbers 1 through 10 before the other players. For 1 to 4 players. For ages 8 and up.


Play with the Pup
Dogs are stuck inside on rainy days just like everyone else, and are almost always excited to get involved in your kids’ fun games. With the Stuffing-Free Animal Dog Toys, your kids can pass the time playing fetch, tug-of-war and much more. Sold as a set of four, the durable toys will bring out your dog’s natural instincts, and the stuffing-free design means they won’t make a mess if they get too wild and accidentally tear open a hole. The soft, easy-to-grab toys have two squeakers inside for double the fun!

Spring Cleaning: Simple Ideas to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

When the winter snow melts to show off the green of spring, it gives us one more thing to appreciate about Mother Nature. To show our appreciation, we’re always coming up with ways to preserve and protect our environment. This year, as we do our spring cleaning, we’re sharing with you a few simple ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle to make Mother Nature proud.

Every Day

water bottles isolated on white1. Just because an old water bottle can’t hold water anymore doesn’t mean it can’t hold something.With clever cutouts it turns into a gadget you didn’t know you need – a wall mount for your cell phone while it charges. It’s a brilliant way to repurpose the used, but not used up bottle.


2. Save your cans. They’re the crafter’s dream material. Soup cans, coffee cans, paints cans: save ALL your cans. From lamp shades to biscuit cutters, there isn’t much you can’t do with a can.

3. Got something to stuff? That leftover pill bottle cotton can fill a sock doll. All of that dryer lint you toss in the garbage? You can stuff a pillow with it. No need to fill a landfill when you need to fill a toy.


4. A milk jug is the gardener’s little helper. Jugs have many uses, but for the tomato gardener, it is heaven sent as a DIY trench watering system. Poke a few holes in the bottom and sides, dig a small trench near the plants and bury the jug about half-way. Fill the jug with water and it will slowly release water into the soil to keep it moist.

empty pallet on green grass5. How many times have you seen a discarded wooden pallet and thought “I know I could do something with that”? Well, a garden walkway is about the easiest thing you can do with a wooden pallet. It requires little more than pulling it apart and arranging the pieces along a dirt path. It’s so easy you’ll be kicking yourself for not having thought of it yourself.


6. Cereal or cracker box lining can be used anywhere you might use wax paper or parchment paper. Cutting the ends and along one side you have good sized sheet. In baking, you can use it to roll out ice box cookie dough or to line cake pans. It saves money, time and waste.

tiered-server7. For the mismatched dishes you just can’t seem to get rid of, a clever way to make use of them is by making them into a tiered server. The project does require some tools and materials, but it will be worth it to see your plates in play again.

At The Lakeside Collection, we have all sorts of products and ideas to celebrate every season! Whether you need tips on making your spring garden more environmentally friendly or you’re looking for BBQ gadgets for your 4th of July cookout, shop Lakeside for inspiring products at reasonable prices.

Spring Sprouts: 5 Vegetables You Can Regrow in Your Garden

When you see a crokus popping up from the soil every few steps, you know spring has arrived! At The Lakeside Collection, those little flowers put us in the mood for planting — but not just the pretty stuff. This year we’re putting the idea of upcycling into our gardens. That means we’re re-growing a few plants that are already full grown. To give you an idea of what we mean, here are 5 vegetables you can regrow in your garden.

Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes Potatoes are a staple in just about any culture. It’s a hardy vegetable that is eaten year-round, so you’ll be doing your meals and your wallet a favor by planting a few in your garden. When you see a potato sprouting eyes, it’s ready to grow. Cut the potato up and let it dry out for a day or two (like onions) before you put it in the ground. Holes should be about 6” deep and the pieces of potatoes should be planted with the eyes (sprouts) facing up. They love lots of sun and require a good amount of water to produce healthy spuds.

Basil Right now is the perfect time to start basil cuttings indoors to transplant in your garden. When you have your package of basil, make sure there are leaf nodes (they look like branches will sprout from them). With kitchen shears, cut just below the node and remove any leaves from the bottom two inches. Stick this in a clear glass of water and put it in a sunny window. Make sure to change the water every other day and it should be ready to plant in soil in about four weeks.

GarlicGarlic You need it for everything! In your salads, pizza, pasta, sauce — just about every type of culinary challenge requires garlic. Planting a clove or two is a sensible and money-saving project. Garlic can be planted in the fall or spring, but if you’re planting in the spring, put it in the ground as soon as the soil is warm and soft enough to be worked. They’re easy to plant — one clove produces a bulb and they should be planted about 2” down with plenty of organic matter mixed in with the soil. The only thing you need to be really careful of is drainage — too much water will cause rot.

Onions Just like garlic, you can never have too many of them — and they taste so much sweeter when they’re free! They’re pretty easy to grow — when you’ve cut up an onion, save the root part that you usually toss. It should be a little bit dry (calloused) before you plant it. When it’s ready, bury it in a sunny spot in your garden under an inch or two of soil and let it sprout.

Red romaine lettuceRomaine When we eat in the summer, we eat salad — and growing the lettuce in the backyard is a great way to cut costs at the grocery store! Romaine is not only easy to re-grow, but it’s also the most nutritious. Saving your stumps is a win-win-win!  To get it going, let the stump soak in about a half-inch of water that you should change frequently (every 1 to 2 days). Put it in a sunny spot and in just a few days you’ll start seeing growth. You can keep growing it just like this, but it’s better grown in soil and you can transplant it in your garden after a week.

At The Lakeside Collection, we’re all about saving you money. From ideas for growing a great garden on a budget to brightening your home with products at discount prices, shop Lakeside for all your home improvement essentials.

Spring Planting: 5 Easy-to-Grow Herbs for Your Garden

Spring is here! If you haven’t started digging in your garden, now is the time. If you’re new to gardening and don’t know what to plant, start small and start practically. By “practically,” we mean something you can use — and there are few things you can grow in the garden that are more practical than herbs. With that in mind, here are five easy-to-grow herbs for your garden.

Thyme twigsThyme Thyme is a good source of folate, calcium and dietary fiber. It’s also known to lower blood pressure as well as boost your mood. In the kitchen, it’s popular for our holiday dishes — Thanksgiving probably wouldn’t be the same without it! It brings out the flavor in mushrooms, roasted vegetables and poultry.

Rosemary There’s no shortage of health benefits from rosemary — it’s good for digestion, makes our hair and skin nice as well as boosts our immune system. In the kitchen, it’s fantastic roasted with chicken, infused with oil for salad dressing or it can add a layer of flavor to cocktails. In the garden, rosemary adds a unique aesthetic. It has leaves that are like soft needles with a piney fragrance. That fragrance is very relaxing — studies have shown that it can actually reduce hormones that make us feel on edge and anxious. If you put it on a garden path for people to brush against, it releases its scent to make your garden a sensory oasis.

chivesChives Chives are versatile for cooking — freshly minced, they add bright green to an omelet, give cream cheese a delightful zip or boosts a soup’s freshness. Chives are also rich in dietary fiber, packed with vitamins and an excellent source of folate. While they do so much for our food and bodies, they’re also easy on the eyes. When they’re in bloom, their wisps frame a delicate purple flower that some gardeners use as edging for herbs gardens.

Dill Dill can turn just about anything into a summer treat — mixed with Greek yogurt, it makes a fabulous sauce for grilled chicken, it stamps out bland in egg or potato salad and it’s the perfect addition to savory baked goods like scones. Dill is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin C and folic acid, so you can’t go wrong by sprinkling it on your meal! In the garden, it’s feathery fronds peak out behind adorable yellow blossoms to add a little brightness to your herbs — it’s also a butterfly magnet!

Basil plant with green leavesBasil Basil is great on pizza, makes pesto perfect and helos a pasta salad stand out. There’s no herb that you’ll use more than basil! Basil is a great source of protein and vitamin E on top of being tasty. Basil plants are bright green and don’t stop growing if they have rich, moist soil and a good six hours of sunshine every day. They’ll be good to plant outside two weeks after the last frost.

Gardening is one of our favorite spring activities at The Lakeside Collection! Whether you’re looking for gadgets to make weeding a little easier or you just want some fun decor to make your yard more lively, shop Lakeside for all your gardening needs.

Lakeside Selection: Products Picks for Spring

There are just a few more days left of winter, but it’s already starting to feel like spring! With that in mind, we’re flipping through The Lakeside Collection catalog and picking out all of our favorite spring items. Here is this week’s Lakeside Selection: Products Picks for Spring.

youth-hammockRead, listen to music or just enjoy the fresh air on this Youth Hammock with Carry Bag. The sturdy one-seater hangs from a tree branch with a triangular wood bar and rope construction. The carry bag can store the colorful hammock during colder months. Weight limit, 150 lbs. Approx. 23-1/2″W x 18″D x 42-1/2″H, overall. Cotton, polyester and wood. Imported. For ages 6 and up.

drainage-rugSpruce up your porch with the Easy Drainage Outdoor Rug. It features small drain holes that allow water to pass through easily yet are invisible to the naked eye. Great for use on a patio or deck! Soft polyester face with PVC backing for slip resistance. Imported.


sheer-tunicWear this Women’s Sheer Summertime Layering Tunic over a tank or cami for extra warmth on chilly spring days and summer nights. The stylish tunic has a fun stripe pattern with a sheer look. The front has a kangaroo pocket and its V-neck has a frayed look along the edges. Polyester, rayon and spandex. Hand wash. Imported.


magnet-gemsPerfect for jazzing up your home or the office, this 18-Pc. Colorful Jeweled Magnet Set gives your fridge or file cabinet a dazzling look. It gives you 6 magnets in each of 3 different colors. Each magnet features acrylic accents on a chrome-finished base. Approx. 1-1/2″ dia., each. ABS plastic.

chair-planterCheer up your deck, porch or patio with a Flower Chair Plant Stand. The stand’s sturdy metal frame has a whimsical design with a weathered finish and can easily endure the elements. It holds up to a 7″ potted or artificial plant in the seat of the chair. 9″ sq. x 23-3/4″H. Easy assembly required.

7 Foods That Sound Bad but Are Good for You

Most of us struggle to eat well. It’s tough to include kale in every meal, but really we don’t have to. What’s even better news than that, is that not all food we think is bad for us is unhealthy. Here are 7 foods that sound bad but are good for you.

Rapeseed oil and flowers isolated over white.No Fear Fried Food Fried food not only tastes good, but it’s good for you, too. Sort of. It depends on what is being fried. Something like battered and fried broccoli isn’t so bad despite that it’s cloaked in fat. But foods that contain carotenoids and fat soluble vitamins like A and K need fat it helps the body absorbs the nutrients. What makes the frying bad is the type of fat. It’s better to stick to oils like canola and safflower that are made up of unsaturated fats and monounsaturated fatty acids which improve blood cholesterol levels and decrease your risk for heart disease. The bad fats like butter and shortening (trans fats) should be avoided. They increase cholesterol significantly.

Good Shape Guac The main ingredient of guacamole is avocado which is full of fat but it’s good fat that not only doesn’t contain cholesterol, but it can also help lower bad cholesterol. Avocados are also a good source of vitamin K, folic acid and vitamin E. In addition to avocados, guacamole also contains onions, jalapenos and tomatoes. Tomatoes are widely considered a super-food; they contain lycopene, vitamins A, C and E. Mix it all together and you have a cancer-fighting, heart-disease-battling dip.

Coffee cupCoffee Cure Coffee doesn’t just wake you up in the morning, it can give your brain a boost. It actually stimulates the release of dopamine and norepinephrine as well as improve your memory and cognitive function. But a cup of Joe can give your whole body a kick start as well. The long term benefits may include lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Fitness Fries Sweet potatoes are associated with carbohydrates which can scare away any dieter, but those orange tubers are packed with nutrients and they don’t contain nearly as much starch as rice or corn. Sweet potatoes are a great source of potassium, fiber and vitamin A (and Beta-carotene). Beta-carotene protects the body’s immune system and can lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. While adding fat through deep-frying isn’t ideal, in moderation the benefits outweigh the consequences. However, baked sweet potato fries are just as tasty as the fried ones.

Smoothie Strength Smoothies get a bad rap for being high-calorie sugar shakes, but if you use yogurt instead of ice cream, they won’t be so bad. They can actually be quite good for you. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants which prevents the production of cell-damaging free radicals. They’re also anti-inflammatories. Yogurt promotes intestinal health as it’s full of probiotics and the active cultures help prevent yeast infections. You can add banana for texture and potassium and orange juice as a sweetener and for some vitamin C. Just hit puree and you have a breakfast for cancer to contend with.

Cup Cake decorationPotent Peanut Butter  You got chocolate in my peanut butter! You got peanut butter in my chocolate! Together, they taste like strength. Peanut butter is a protein rich food that helps build and repair muscle. It also has cholesterol-lowering, healthy fats and it’s loaded with anti-oxidants. Wrapped in dark chocolate, this may be the perfect food. Dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure, improve your cognitive function and reduce the risk for stroke. A peanut butter cup made with the right ingredients does a body good.

Robust Rinds Deep fried pig skin. Sounds heart-stopping- deadly, doesn’t it? Well, unlike their potato counterparts, pork rinds contain no carbohydrates. The other good news: the bad fat in the skin is rendered off in the cooking process leaving behind almost pure protein.

Lakeside Selection: Product Picks for the Time Change

It’s time to spring forward! This weekend we set our clocks ahead one hour, so we thought we’d honor Daylight Saving Time by highlighting some of our favorite time pieces. Here is this week’s Lakeside Selection: Product Picks for the Time Change.

other-disney-watchHelp your little girl learn how to tell time with a Girls’ Disney Time Teacher Watch. Her favorite Disney character will make wearing this watch so much fun. The watch has labeled “Hour” and “Minute” hands and a sweep second hand. The frame of the watch face is marked in 5-minute increments to help her learn how to tell time all on her own. Includes button-cell battery. Quartz movement. Watch face, 1-1/4″ dia. Plastic strap, 8-1/4″L with 7 holes for adjusting the fit. Metal case.

vintage-clockAdd a bit of country flair to any room with this attractive display. Each Vintage Metal Wall Clock is designed to resemble a pocket watch with a distressed painted finish and a delicately detailed face. Requires 1 “AA” battery. Small Pink Clock, 6-1/2″W x 1-1/2″D x 6-1/4″H. Small Teal Clock, 5″W x 1-5/8″D x 5-1/2″H. Small Black Clock, 3-3/4″W x 1-3/4″D x 6″H. Large Green Clock, 8-1/4″W x 2-1/2″D x 11-1/2″H. Ready to hang.

thre-in-one-clockSleek and stylish in a silver frame, this 3-In-1 Clock is actually an indoor weather station for your wall. The thermometer monitors the room’s temperature from -4 to 124°F; the quartz clock, with a step second hand and numerals from 5 to 60, displays the precise time; and the hygrometer records the relative humidity. Requires 1 “AA” battery. 8-1/4″W x 1-3/4″D x 11-1/4″H. Plastic and glass. Ready to hang.

other-college-clockWake up to your school’s fight song with a Collegiate Fight Song Alarm Clock! Instead of waking you with an annoying buzzing sound, this clock plays the familiar rousing song and flashes lights to the rhythm of the music. The face of the clock features your school’s logo. Has glow-in-the-dark hands and a 4-minute snooze button on top. On/off switch. Requires 2 “AA” batteries. 5-1/4″W x 3″D x 4-1/2″H. Plastic.

jelly-watchGet a blast of fashion every time you check the time with a Jelly Stretch Chain Watch. The stretch-to-fit silicone strap and watch face share the same bright color. The face also has a distinctive, single-digit design that adds to the sleek, modern look of the watch. Durable construction makes it great for everyday wear, while the budget-friendly price means you can buy several in different colors to vary your look. Silicone and metal. 2-3/8″ dia.

Easter: Fun Recipes to Add to Your Holiday Dinner

Easter ham or a leg of lamb are the things we think of when we start planning our Easter dinners. But we don’t always have to follow our traditions. With that in mind, we put together a short list of fun recipes to add to your holiday dinner.tulip-tomatoesSpring Flowers How adorable are these tomato tulips? Surviving a Teacher’s Salary came up with these. And, because she’s a teacher, she’s a master at making things easy AND cute! The most work you have to do is cut the cherry tomatoes to make them look like tulips. From there, you just add the cream cheese filling and stems (chives) and you have an cute little appetizer worthy of an Easter spread.italian-easter-breadBreaking Bread Family dinners almost always include bread. In Italy, on Easter, they serve a sweet bread to showcase one of favorite Easter symbols: eggs. Seeded at the Table put together a step-by-step on how to make the bread to add to the beauty of your Easter table as well as your traditions.carrot-casseroleCarrot Cravings We love to eat carrots at Easter because of the association with the Easter bunny. While roasting or glazing carrots are the traditional methods for cooking carrots for Easter, there are other, more fun ways to serve it. Num’s the Word put together a recipe for carrots that include cheese! Carrots are plenty tasty on their own, but coupled with cheese, your Easter ham may go untouched!easter-pieEaster Pie Italians have a way with holiday food and Easter is no exception! On the Italian menu, you might find Torta Pasqualina (Easter pie). It is NOT a sweet pie, but it’s delicious! It has vegetables, cheese and eggs to cover your basic food groups in one dish! Cooking with Grazia shared her recipe on her blog. It’s a very involved process, but she includes pictures for each step that you can follow.Easter-basket-cookie-cupsDessert At Lakeside, we would NEVER forget dessert — especially not on a holiday! Though there are dozens of unique Easter sweets recipes on the internet to fill the dessert slot, but we picked these Easter Basket Cookie Cups because, well, they’re cute!  Lil’ Luna mixed up this recipe — it’s not much more difficult than making cookies, they just require a little bit more designing.

The Lakeside Collection has ideas and inspiration for all of your holiday entertaining! From Easter decor to ideas for pulling off an awesome Memorial Day cookout, shop Lakeside for great ideas and quality products.