9 Indoor Halloween Decor Ideas For Any Theme

Decorating the inside of your home for Halloween can make your space feel extra festive and fun. You can easily create any Halloween theme you want in your home based on your style and interests. Set up a spooky theme to create a haunted house or set up a friendly Halloween theme to make your home feel cheerful and bright. The addition of decorative accents, lighting, and familiar Halloween characters can help you transform your home for this fun holiday. Whether you want to decorate just one area of your home, or if you want to go all out, check out these 9 indoor Halloween decor ideas for any theme.

1. Set Up Your Staircase With A Halloween Theme

If you want to set up a unique Halloween display for guests to see as soon as they enter your home, consider decorating your staircase area with a Halloween theme. This will help you elevate the rest of your Halloween decor throughout your home.

There are so many ways to decorate your staircase area, no matter what type of Halloween theme you’re hoping to achieve. Whether you want to add a subtle look to your staircase or if you want to create a full festive display, there are tons of possibilities.

Start with decorating the stair railing. You can either wrap orange string lights around the railing or you can even hang up character decorations, like witches or ghosts. You can even wrap orange and black ribbons around the railing for a more simple yet festive look.

Once you’ve decorate the railing, make sure to also decorate the walls by your stairs. Hang up festive bats and spiderwebs, Halloween sentiment signs, and other fun accents to make the area feel complete.

Scaling Halloween Witches

2. Use Halloween Themed Pillows & Blankets

Another indoor Halloween decor idea is to use themed pillows and blankets throughout your home. This will help you keep the cozy feelings in fall in your space while adding a holiday touch to your decor spread.

Start by swapping out your living room throw pillows to make your couch look more festive. Find pillows with clever Halloween sentiments or with fun characters like ghosts, witches, and jack-o-lanterns. You can even find LED pillows for an extra magical touch.

Next, bring in Halloween themed throw blankets. You can use these on the couch and even on your bed. Additionally, you can use an entire Halloween themed bedding set if you want a full bedroom transformation.

Lastly, you can continue the cozy Halloween theme by adding a small festive rug to your kitchen or entryway, hanging up themed hand towels in your bathroom, and even using orange and black cushions on accent chairs in your home.

Halloween Accent Pillows

3. Display Halloween Mugs As Decorations

A unique way to make your indoor space festive for Halloween is to use unexpected items as makeshift decorations throughout your home. Coffee mugs can make excellent decorations for almost any area of your home.

Find Halloween themed coffee mugs with unique designs to display throughout your home. This can include mugs with fun sentiments, personable characters, and unusual shapes for a more creative look.

There are many ways to display Halloween coffee mugs as decorations throughout your space. Here are some ideas to give you inspiration:

  • Display a coffee mug on a tray on your coffee table with other accents.
  • Place multiple mugs on different levels of a bookshelf.
  • Use mugs to decorate your kitchen counters.
  • Display branches or fall flowers inside of a Halloween mug.
  • Use a Halloween mug as a makeshift pencil cup in your home office.
  • Place some mugs on your mantel with Halloween candles.
Cauldron Mugs

4. Create A Gothic Decor Theme For Halloween

There are so many different Halloween decor themes to choose from, depending on the look you’re going for. The gothic decor style is a great choice if you want something that isn’t traditional.

Decorating with a gothic style for Halloween is a great way to get a more sleek and elegant appearance throughout your home. This style typically features a dark color scheme, lace fabrics, skulls, and roses.

If you’re looking to fill your home with a gothic decor theme for Halloween, check out some simple ideas below to get started:

  • Use a black lace tablecloth on your dining table or entryway table.
  • Hang a rattan wreath with black and red rose accents.
  • Decorate with tabletop skull accents on your coffee table, mantel, and kitchen island.
  • Fill a vase with black roses.
  • Display skull themed hand towels in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Hang up black spiderwebs throughout your home.
Gothic Rose Halloween Decor

5. Fill Your Mantel With Halloween Decorations

Your mantel is the perfect space to set up a full Halloween decor spread. You can truly create any Halloween theme you want on your mantel and complement the theme with other decor throughout the living room.

Start by adding some lighted decorations to your Halloween mantel. This can include orange LED candles on top of black candleholders, pumpkin shaped string lights, and lighted skull accents.

Then, decorate the wall behind your mantel. You can hang up a spooky pumpkin wreath, scatter some bats on the wall, or even stretch out a spiderweb to display with plastic spiders. Alternatively, you can hang up some Halloween themed artwork.

Finally, fill in the rest of your mantel with other Halloween accents. Showcase some pumpkins, witch figurines, a Halloween sentiment sign, and any other fun decorations to make your space look festive.

Halloween Mantel Collection

6. Transform Your Dining Table With A Halloween Theme

You can’t forget your dining table when decorating your home with a Halloween theme! Setting up a Halloween dining table is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and can be especially fun for a Halloween dinner party.

Just like these other indoor Halloween decor ideas, you can establish any type of theme you want with your dining table set up. You can even simply add one Halloween accent to your table for a subtle touch of the holiday.

If you’re not sure where to begin with your Halloween dining table decor, check out some ideas below for the ultimate inspiration:

  • Set up a Halloween themed table runner or tablecloth.
  • Use black and orange placemats.
  • Add Halloween cushions or throw pillows to each chair.
  • Display spooky jack-o-lanterns across the table.
  • Spread a spiderweb across the table with plastic spiders displayed.
  • Set up orange LED candles on black candleholders.
  • Use a skull shaped vase to display black roses as a centerpiece.
LED Halloween Home Accents

7. Decorate A Halloween Tree For A Unique Look

Trees aren’t limited to just Christmas! Setting up a Halloween tree for the season is a great way to get a unique look in almost any room of your home. Decorate a Halloween tree in any theme and style you want for a fun appearance.

Start with a white, orange, or black tree to set the stage for your Halloween theme. You can alternatively use a regular green tree if you want to keep it up for the entire year – simply swap out the tree decor for each season or holiday.

Next, wrap some orange or white string lights around the tree. Then, hang Halloween ornaments and decorations on the tree. This can include Halloween sentiment accents, skulls, jack-o-lanterns, and other symbols like bats, witches, and ghosts.

To complete your Halloween tree, use a bat or pumpkin tree topper. Display your tree with a spooky patterned tree skirt and place some jack-o-lanterns underneath for a fully festive look.

19-Pc. Halloween Tree Decorations

8. Set Up Halloween Serveware As Home Decor

As mentioned earlier, using unexpected items as makeshift Halloween decorations is a great way to get a unique look in your home. Using Halloween themed serveware as decorations is a solid option for creating a festive look in your space.

You can find a multitude of Halloween serveware that include common themes and symbols like candy corn, spiderwebs, bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and much more. Find serveware to match the rest of your Halloween decor throughout your home.

There are so many areas of your home to display serveware for the Halloween season. Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • Display a Halloween serving platter on your kitchen island with themed accents.
  • Showcase Halloween themed bowls throughout your living room filled with mini pumpkins or spiders.
  • Display a Halloween platter on a plate stand on your entryway table.
  • Place a soap pump inside of a Halloween bowl to display on your bathroom counter.
temp-tations® Boo-fetti Tabletop Collection

9. Decorate Your Home With A Witch Theme For Halloween

Halloween features so many different characters and creatures including ghosts, zombies, spiders, bats, skeletons, and more. For a fun Halloween look, create a theme based on one of the most popular characters: witches.

Witches are a solid symbol of the Halloween holiday and they’re incredibly versatile when it comes to decorating. Filling the inside of your home with a witch theme is a great way to establish either a friendly or spooky Halloween theme, depending on the type of witch decor you use.

Start off your theme with larger witch decorations, like statues. You can use motion activated witch statues for a scary theme, or you can use a cute statue for a more friendly appearance. Set these statues up in areas like your entryway, living room, and hallway to set the scene.

Then, add smaller witch themed decorations throughout your home. This can include small witch figurines, witch hat throw pillows, a witch broom decoration, a decorative cauldron on the coffee table, and other similar accents. Create the witch theme of your dreams by using any style you want.

6-Ft. Light and Sound Spell-Casting Witch

Now that you’ve checked out some indoor Halloween decor ideas, shop our entire selection of Halloween Decor to find even more inspiration! Find themed wall art, festive tabletop accents, mantel decor, lighted decorations, and so much more to fill your space with Halloween flair.

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