5 DIY Fall Wreaths To Display All Season Long

Making your own fall decorations is a great way to save money while still giving your space some festive charm. Luckily, you don’t need to be an artist to make some DIY fall decorations. Wreaths are a popular decoration in the fall time, and they’re actually incredibly easy to make. You can hang your DIY wreath on the front door, or you can even hang it on the wall in any room of your house. Whether you want to put together a fall foliage wreath, a pumpkin wreath, or something more rustic, check out these 5 DIY fall wreaths to display all season long on your porch or inside your home.

1. Make A DIY Fall Leaves Wreath For A Colorful Porch

DIY Fall Wreaths - leaves wreath

Fall foliage is such a defining element of the harvest season because it showcases a beautiful spread of colors. Creating a DIY fall leaves wreath is a great way to represent the season and can help you add some warmth and charm to your porch or home. Feel free to create a wreath with a variety of different colored leaves, or make a single colored wreath for a more simple look. You even match your wreath to your other fall home decor for a complete look.

Fall Leaves Wreath Supplies

  • Rattan wreath
  • Crafting leaves
  • Hot glue gun

This craft is very simple to put together; you just need to start with a rattan wreath. Buy a mix of fall crafting leaves in the colors of your choice. Then, you can start hot gluing the leaves onto the wreath. The idea is to fill in as much empty space as possible to get a full and flourishing leaf wreath. If you’re using a variety of different colored leaves, you can either make a specific color pattern or you can add leaves at random for a more unique look. Optionally, you can also add other items to your leaf wreath such as small pinecones, flowers, or pumpkins.

2. Create A Rustic Fall Look With A DIY Dried Pampas Grass Wreath

DIY Fall Wreaths - dried pampas grass wreath

A popular style within the harvest season is the rustic fall farmhouse decor style. This is very fitting for the fall season because it gives off a charming and welcoming appearance. If you want to get the ultimate rustic fall style, you can create a DIY dried pampas grass wreath. Dried pampas grass is a perfect element to use in your fall decor because it has a natural appeal that blends well with other harvest themed accents.

Dried Pampas Grass Wreath Supplies

  • Rattan wreath
  • Dried pampas grass
  • Wildflowers
  • Rattan ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

You can typically find dried pampas grass sold in a bunches, which will make this craft even easier to do. Start with a rattan wreath as the base. Then, take a bunch of dried pampas grass and attach it the wreath with the help of a rattan ribbon. Make sure to tie the ribbon securely, and hide it on the back side of the wreath. Continue tying the pampas grass to the wreath until you’ve gone around the entire circle. Then, hot glue wildflowers in between the pampas bunches to get a more complete look.

3. Add Some Charm With A DIY Pumpkin Wreath For Fall

DIY Fall Wreaths - pumpkin wreath

Pumpkins are another defining symbol of the fall season. Including pumpkins in your fall decor spread is a great way to create an extra festive look throughout your space. Make a DIY pumpkin wreath to hang on your front door or to hang on the wall inside your home. For this craft, you can either use fabric pumpkins or Styrofoam pumpkins. Fabric pumpkins are better for a more charming look, while Styrofoam can give you a simple and classic appearance. Make sure to add other pumpkin decor nearby to complement the wreath.

Pumpkin Wreath Supplies

  • Straw wreath
  • Mini pumpkins (fabric or Styrofoam)
  • Fall ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

This DIY fall wreath starts with a straw wreath as the base. Then, simply hot glue your mini pumpkins around the wreath, leaving a small section open at the top. You can then hot glue your fall themed ribbon in the empty space to make your wreath look complete. When gluing the pumpkins onto the wreath, you alternate colors or use the same color throughout, depending on the look you want. Feel free to also add other items in between the pumpkins such as small pumpkins or mini pinecones.

4. Create A DIY Mixed Fall Flowers Wreath For A Festive Look

sunflower wreath

If you’re looking for an even more colorful look for the fall time, consider using fall flowers to create a stunning wreath. This DIY mixed fall flowers wreath includes a great combination of beautiful crafting flowers that will instantly transform your space. Adding this wreath to your decor is a great way to amplify any neutral fall decor spreads or to complement other colorful fall decor. This project lists specific types of fall crafting flowers; however, feel free to use whichever flowers you want.

Mixed Fall Flower Wreath Supplies

  • Rattan wreath
  • Crafting flowers
    • Sunflowers
    • Chrysanthemums
    • Violas
    • Other flowers of your choice
  • Mini pinecones & pumpkins
  • Hot glue gun

Start with your rattan wreath as the base of your project. Hot glue your crafting flowers around the wreath, creating a varied mix throughout. Make sure to glue the flowers to take up as much empty space as possible. Then, you can glue on mini pinecones and mini pumpkins to fill in the small empty spaces. You can optionally add a wooden monogram letter to represent your family name for a personal touch.

5. Bring A Pop Of Color To Your Autumn Space With A DIY Orange Flower Wreath

orange bell flower wreath

Another way to get a bright appearance in your fall decor is to use the color orange. Orange is not only a strong color of the fall season, but it’s also a color that is going to pop in any space. This DIY orange flower wreath is a great choice for the fall time. You can hang this wreath to get a pop of color on your porch or you can hang it somewhere inside your home for a more unique look. Feel free to use any orange flowers you want for this craft; however, orange bell flowers are pictured above.

Orange Flower Wreath Supplies

  • Wispy wreath
  • Orange crafting flowers with stems

This craft is one of the easiest DIY fall wreaths on this list because it doesn’t require gluing anything. Start by trimming your flower stems – make sure they’re long enough to tie onto the wreath but short enough to keep your craft looking tidy. Then, attach your flowers to the wreath by wrapping each flower stem around the sections of the wreath. Continue this process until you’ve added flowers throughout the entire circle. This wreath can have some open spaces because the orange color will make it look full and complete.

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