How To Create A Black & White Fall Decor Theme

If you’re looking to decorate your home for fall but want a more unconventional look, consider choosing a black and white fall theme. While traditional fall colors include red, orange, and gold, using black and white is a great way to create a chic and modern look for the season. The great thing about a black and white decor theme is that you can easily incorporate small touches of fall colors throughout your space without going overboard. If you need some inspiration and ideas, here are some simple tips for how to create a black and white fall decor theme.

Use Black & White Plaid For A Simple Fall Decor Style

Black & White Fall Decor - plaid living room

Plaid is such a defining pattern of the fall season, so it’s only fitting that you include it in your decorations. When it comes to a black and white fall decor theme, adding plaid to your space will give you an easy way to set up this color scheme. Plaid also tends to pair nicely with other fall themed decorations, giving you a stylish and complementary space that flows well. Use plaid as an accent pattern in your space or make it your main pattern to stand out in a room.

Black & White Plaid Fall Decorating Ideas

You can easily include black and white plaid decorations throughout any area of your home, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you want to create a subtle plaid look with a few accents or if you want to go all out with a full theme, you can set up a stylish look for the fall season. Here are some different types of decorations you can add to your home to incorporate the black and white plaid pattern:

  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Porch doormat or indoor rugs
  • Wall art with subtle plaid patterns
  • Tablecloth or placemats
  • Kitchen towels and bathroom hand towels
  • Candleholders
  • Decorative plates and canisters
  • Comforter or sheet set

Add Some Gold To Your Black & White Theme For An Elegant Fall Look

Black & White Fall Decor - gold pumpkin

A black and white fall decor theme isn’t necessarily limited to just those two colors. While black and white can be your main colors, choosing an accent color is a great way to give your space some variety. If you want an elegant look this fall, consider using gold as your accent color for a chic and beautiful appearance.

Gold is not only a nice elegant color, but it’s also very fitting for the fall season. Incorporating gold in your black and white scheme will help you add a touch of fall without going into a full fall theme. There are so many ways to add gold as your accent color to create an elegant harvest theme. Check out some ideas below for inspiration.

Gold Decoration Ideas For Fall

  • Painted pumpkins
  • Candles
  • Leaf garlands
  • Decorative platter or plate
  • Table runner
  • Picture frames

Create A Black & White Fall Decor Theme In Your Bedroom With Cozy Elements

Black & White Fall Decor - cozy bedroom

If you want to bring the black and white fall theme to your bedroom, you can easily set up a a cozy space that fits the fall season. The great thing about decorating with a black and white color scheme for fall is that you don’t always need to include specific fall symbols in your decor. Simply creating a warm and comfortable area can help you set the stage for a space that feels like autumn.

Your bedroom is the perfect place to create a cozy black and white theme for fall. It’s important to think about every element of your bedroom space in order to create a comfortable area that you can relax in. Since the fall weather gets chilly, it’s best to make your space feel warm and welcoming. Check out some ideas below for setting up your black and white fall bedroom.

Black & White Fall Bedroom Ideas

  • Add some black and white throw pillows to your bed.
  • Use a white faux fur blanket to add a cozy layer to your bed.
  • Set up some white candles in fall scents around your room for a cozy and simple look.
  • Display a black and white patterned rug in the room.
  • Hang up white window curtains for a clean appearance.
  • Set up a white tray with black accents on top of the dresser.
  • Add some black and white fabric wall hangings for a cozy look.

Decorate With White Pumpkins For Your Black & White Fall Theme

white fall pumpkins

To get a more festive look for fall, including pumpkins in your black and white theme is a great way to elevate your home. Luckily, you can still maintain your chic black and white look while still maintaining a charming harvest touch. Add some white pumpkins into your decoration plans to create a simple yet stylish appearance.

How To Decorate With White Pumpkins

There are so many different ways to include white pumpkins in your decor spread. Whether you paint pumpkins a white color yourself, or if you find a beautiful set of white ceramic pumpkins, you can easily add these to various areas of your home for a nice fall touch. Check out some ideas below for how to decorate with white pumpkins.

  • Display a basket of small white pumpkins on the coffee table.
  • Hang a white pumpkin garland across the mantel.
  • Set up white pumpkins on your porch steps.
  • Decorate a tray on your kitchen island with small white pumpkins and other black and white accents.
  • Use white pumpkins on your dining table centerpiece.
  • Set up your entryway table with white pumpkins.

Use Small Touches Of Fall Colors In Your Black & White Decor Theme

fall dining table

If you’re hoping for a more festive fall look but still want to maintain that black and white color scheme, you can still add some fall colors into the mix. Using fall colors as accent colors throughout your space will help you keep your main color scheme while creating a strong harvest theme at the same time.

How To Use Fall Colors In A Black & White Color Scheme

  • Set up black and white plates and dishware on the dining table with orange pumpkins as the centerpiece.
  • Use mostly black and white pillows on the couch with an orange or red fall themed throw blanket.
  • Add a couple of fall colored accents on the mantel mixed with your black and white decor.
  • Layer a black and white plaid doormat on top of an orange or red doormat on the front porch.
  • Keep your bathroom black and white but use hand towels with fall colors.
  • Hang up some fall colored wall art in your black and white living room.

Now that you’ve learned some tips on how to create a black and white fall decor theme, check out our Fall Harvest Decor section for even more inspiration! Find fall decorations for every room including throw pillows, bedding, serveware, wall art, outdoor decor, and much more to transform your space for the season.

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