Fall Decor You Can Keep Up Through Thanksgiving

When it comes to decorating for Thanksgiving, a lot of traditional fall decor themes overlap and complement the holiday. Thanksgiving decor can include a lot of common harvest style symbols and styles like pumpkins, fall foliage, and welcoming sentiments. Instead of creating a brand new spread of decorations for the Thanksgiving holiday, you can keep up a lot of your fall decorations with a few simple additions. This will make it even easier to decorate and make your home look festive for Thanksgiving. Here are some festive ideas for fall decor you can keep up through Thanksgiving.

Keep Up Your Pumpkin Decor Through Thanksgiving

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Pumpkins are such a strong symbol of the fall season and they can be incorporated in a large variety of accents. They are also a great decorative item to keep up through Thanksgiving because they match well with the holiday. For instance, pumpkin pie is a classic Thanksgiving dessert, so the pumpkin symbol is very fitting. Keep up your general fall pumpkin decorations and add some extra Thanksgiving themed pumpkins as well to make your home look extra festive and full.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving

When it comes to accenting your home with pumpkins for Thanksgiving, you can put your focus on entertaining and welcoming themes. This can include decorating your dining table for the holiday dinner, filling your entryway with pumpkin accents, or filling other areas of your home with a warm charm. There are so many different ways to decorate your home with pumpkins for a festive look. Check out some Thanksgiving pumpkin decorating ideas below to gain some inspiration.

  • Use small ceramic pumpkins at each place setting on the dining table.
  • Serve your Thanksgiving food in pumpkin shaped dishes and serveware.
  • Display lighted pumpkin decor to set the stage for a warm and comfortable dinner.
  • Use lighted pumpkin stake lights to line the pathway to your front door.
  • Set the dining table with pumpkin placemats or a pumpkin tablecloth.
  • Combine a turkey decorations with a pumpkin to use as a centerpiece.

Display Fall Sentiment Decorations Through The Thanksgiving Holiday

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Fall sentiments are another great element seen within decorations that will match well with the Thanksgiving holiday. These types of sentiments typically give off warm and welcoming themes that are perfect for this holiday of gratitude and family. Keep your fall sentiment decorations displayed through Thanksgiving to keep your home looking extra charming and cheerful.

There are a wide range of fall sentiments to include in your spread of decorations. Whether you find some common sayings or even create your own decorations with phrases, it’ll make your home feel even more special for Thanksgiving. Some great sentiments to include in your decorations can be sayings such as “thankful”, “gather”, “blessed”, and any other phrases that give off a meaningful feeling.

Include these sentiment decorations around your home, especially in areas that are being used to entertained. For example, you can use sentiment decorations at each place setting, or you can use a sentiment sign in the middle of your Thanksgiving food spread. You can even add some sentiment decorations outside, such as a sentiment welcome mat or garden flag to give your guests a warm welcome to your Thanksgiving meal.

Use Fall Foliage & Florals For Your Thanksgiving Decor

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Another type of fall decor that you can keep up through Thanksgiving is anything that includes fall foliage and florals. Leaves and flowers contribute to that warm and welcoming feeling because they add elements of nature into your home. Displaying these within your Thanksgiving decorations is a great way to accent your space in a natural style.

How To Decorate For Thanksgiving With Fall Foliage & Flowers

While you can stick to the simple and traditional route of displaying a vase of flowers on the dining table, there are also many other ways to incorporate florals throughout your home. Whether you want a full spread of faux florals and leaves, or just some smaller bouquets of flowers, you can create a beautiful display in your home for Thanksgiving. Check out some ideas below for inspiration.

  • Lay out a leaf garland across the dining table as makeshift table runner.
  • Hang up a leaf wreath on the front door.
  • Set up small vases of flowers at each place setting.
  • Display a vase of colorful leaf stems as a centerpiece.
  • Use dishes and serveware with leaf and floral patterns.
  • Set up a fall themed tree in the corner of the living room with string lights.
  • Scatter leaves around the dining table for extra vibrancy.

Decorate With Harvest Themed Gnomes For Thanksgiving

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Gnomes are friendly and fun character that can work as decorations for almost any holiday, season, and occasion. They can be decked out in different themes to fit into your indoor and outdoor spaces. Harvest themed gnomes make perfect accents for Thanksgiving because they can add to the welcoming and charming environment that you hope to create for your guests.

You can find so many different types of harvest gnome decorations to add to your home. If you want to create a full theme of gnomes, be sure to add them in small amounts throughout your home so you don’t overload your space. You can also keep the harvest gnome theme on your front porch and opt for a different theme inside your home. No matter what kind of harvest gnome style you’re going for, check out some ideas below to get you started.

Harvest Gnome Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving

  • Place a couple harvest gnome statues on your front porch.
  • Display harvest gnome stakes along the pathway to your front door.
  • Use harvest gnome themed dishware for your Thanksgiving meal.
  • Display a harvest gnome doormat on the porch or a rug in the kitchen.
  • Set up a dining table centerpiece with a gnome statue and fall flowers.
  • Create a harvest gnome themed entryway table with various accents.

Now that you’ve explored some fall decor your can keep up through Thanksgiving, check out our full selection of Thanksgiving Decor! Find a variety of decorative accents, table linens, serveware, porch decor, and other fall themed decorations for your Thanksgiving holiday spread.

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