7 Christmas Gnome Decor Ideas

Gnomes are charming and fun accents to add to both your indoor and outdoor spaces. The great thing about gnomes is that they can be used for almost any holiday or season. Displaying themed gnomes for Christmas is a wonderful way to bring some extra cheer and charm into your space. Whether you want to add some holiday gnomes to your porch or living room, or even decorate a gnome themed tree, you can easily transform your space for the season. Check out these 7 Christmas gnome decor ideas for a festive and jolly display.

1. Display Christmas Gnome Yard Stakes For A Festive Outdoor Space

There are so many ways to display Christmas gnomes in your outdoor spaces. Creating a holiday gnome theme on your porch or yard is a great way to set the stage for other festive decorations.

These featured Christmas gnome garden stakes will add some adorable charm to your outdoor space. These three metal stakes feature gnomes with Christmas themes such as a candy cane, sentiment sign, and Christmas lights.

Display one or all of these stakes in your front or back yard to set the stage for the rest of your holiday decor. You can even line your front porch with these stakes and then decorate the rest of your porch with a holiday gnome theme.

Fill the rest of your space with the theme through various charming decorations. This can include holiday gnome themed throw pillows on your porch bench, gnome statues, gnome shaped solar string lights, and other lighted Christmas gnome accents.

2. Set Up A Charming Gnome Themed Christmas Tree

Creating a theme for your Christmas tree can make it look extra festive and unique. Set up a gnome themed Christmas tree to get a fun, whimsical, and charming appearance.

The gnome for the holidays tree decor featured has everything you need to get started on your themed tree. Display the lighted gnome ornaments loud and proud in the center of your tree and set up the lighted gnome tree topper for a bold touch.

In addition to this collection, add some other decorations to make your Christmas tree feel more complete. Check out some Christmas tree decor ideas below for inspiration.

Gnome Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

  • Red ball ornaments to match gnomes
  • Colorful string lights
  • Candy cane ornaments
  • Christmas sentiment ornaments
  • Gnome themed tree skirt

3. Add Some Comfort To Your Space With Christmas Gnome Accent Pillows

An important part of decorating for Christmas is creating a cozy and comfortable space. Using a lot of accent pillows and blankets is a great way to set up that warm and welcoming environment for the holiday season.

Featured here are a variety of different sized Christmas gnome accent pillows to add to your home this holiday season. These adorable pillows can be displayed on the couch with other throw pillows for a full cozy spread.

In addition to displaying Christmas gnome themed pillows, you can also add some themed throw blankets to your couch to match. The more pillows and blankets your couch has, the cozier your winter and holiday season will be.

You can even display Christmas gnome pillows on the bed with matching bedding, or add some to your dining table chairs for a comfortable dinner space. Find creative ways to bring the cozy Christmas gnome theme to your home.

4. Decorate With Plaid Gnomes For A Charming Christmas Space

If you want a charming and homey space this Christmas, consider incorporating plaid patterns into your decorations. This is an especially great idea for a farmhouse or country style home because it’ll fit into your decor style perfectly.

These buffalo plaid holiday gnomes are the perfect choice for a charming country Christmas space. You can display these gnomes in almost any area of your home. Set them up on the entryway table, use them on your coffee table, sit them on the mantel, or even use them as a dining table centerpiece.

Combine these gnomes with other buffalo plaid decorations, along with other country Christmas accents. Check out some ideas below for inpsiration.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Decor Ideas

  • Buffalo plaid ribbon wreath
  • Tablecloth or placemats with plaid pattern
  • Buffalo plaid throw pillows
  • Plaid patterned ornaments
  • Doormat or rugs in plaid patterns

5. Use A Woodland Christmas Gnome Theme For The Ultimate Winter Look

If you’re looking for a more wintery and natural look for Christmas, consider decorating with a woodland style theme. This theme incorporates rustic materials, woodland animals, neutral colors, and snowy accents.

To combine the woodland theme with a Christmas gnome theme, be sure to incorporate this woodland gnome tree in your spread of decorations. This 25 inch lighted tree can help you set the scene for your unique Christmas style.

Display this woodland gnome tree in almost any area of your home with other similar accents. Include accents such as decorative pinecones, snow dusted tree figurines, and rustic Christmas gnomes.

You can also bring the woodland gnome theme to your Christmas tree. Dress up your tree with gnome ornaments, rustic sentiment signs, pinecone garland, woodland animal ornaments, and a burlap tree skirt.

6. Fill Your Bathroom With A Festive Christmas Gnome Theme

Christmas gnomes aren’t just limited to certain areas of your home. Bringing the Christmas gnome theme into your bathroom can make this space feel extra cheerful and festive for the holiday season.

This winter gnome bath collection features a whole bathroom set of snowy gnome themed items. It’s the perfect set to transform your space for the Christmas season; you can even display just one or two pieces from the collection for a more subtle look.

If you just want to decorate with one of these pieces, you can also combine it with other winter themed or gnome themed accents throughout the room. You can easily create a snowy gnome wonderland in your bathroom!

Include decorations such as a snowy scene wall hanging, Christmas candles, a decorative window valance, and even some gnome statues throughout the bathroom to give the area some extra personality and style.

7. Display A Color Changing Gnome For A Magical Christmas Look

Lighted decorations are a must-have for your Christmas decor spread because they can bring a magical and cheerful element to your home. Include decorative lights within your gnome theme for the ultimate holiday display.

This lighted color-changing holiday gnome is a wonderful decoration to start off your magical lighted theme. You can nicely display it on your mantel, bookshelf, entryway table, or even on a table under a covered porch. Combine it with some of the other ideas below for a fully decorated space.

Other Lighted Christmas Decor Ideas

  • Lighted gnome ornaments on the tree
  • Christmas string lights on the mantel
  • Lighted wreath on the front door
  • Christmas wall art that lights up
  • Light up Christmas throw pillows

Now that you’ve check out some Christmas gnome decor ideas, check out our full selection of Gnome Decor to find even more inspiration! Shop outdoor gnome decorations, interchangeable gnomes, gnome statues, gnome collections, and much more for your fun holiday decor theme.

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