7 Classic Christmas Decorating Ideas

The classic Christmas decor theme is a great choice for creating a homey and jolly feeling in your home. Classic Christmas decor includes the typical red and green color scheme, familiar characters like Santa and reindeer, magical lighted decorations, and festive greenery. If you want to decorate with the classic Christmas decor style, there are many ways to transform each area of your home. Check out these 7 classic Christmas decorating ideas to incorporate in your home this holiday season.

1. Decorate A Classic Christmas Porch With Ball Ornaments & Lanterns

Classic Christmas Decorating Ideas - holiday porch decorations

Your porch is the perfect place to set up a classic Christmas theme. Decorating your front porch for the holidays can transform the look of your space and set the stage for a festive home. No matter what size your porch is, you can easily incorporate classic Christmas decorations and set up a cozy and welcoming area.

One of the main things to include on your classic Christmas porch is ball ornaments. Ball ornaments are a huge aspect of the classic theme because they are included on a typical Christmas tree. There are many ways to include ball ornaments around your porch with your other decorations. For instance, you can place ornaments on greenery garland wrapped around your porch railing, you can add ball ornaments to an outdoor Christmas tree, and you can display a ball ornament wreath on the front door. Make sure to use red ball ornaments for the ultimate classic look.

In addition to the ornaments, you can also include lanterns on your porch. Lanterns work well with the classic theme because they give off a cozy and magical feeling that’s amplified in the winter season. Display LED ornaments on your porch steps, near your front door, or even hang ornaments from your porch as makeshift string lights. There are so many different ways you can incorporate lanterns on the porch. The more lanterns you include, the more magical your space will look.

2. Set Up A Classic Christmas Mantel With A Red & Green Theme

Classic Christmas Decorating Ideas - Christmas mantel and staircase decorations

A Christmas mantel is a must when it comes to a classic theme. Decorating your mantel with red and green classic Christmas decor is a great way to amplify the theme in your living room and nicely complement other accents around the room. Create a mantel that acts as a stunning eye-catching centerpiece for the room.

How To Decorate A Classic Christmas Mantel

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating a classic Christmas mantel. Depending on the size of your mantel, you can fill it with an entire spread of decorations or you can include some simple accents. Either way, you can emphasize the classic theme with this showcase of decorations. Be sure to focus on a primarily red and green theme on your mantel to get that classic feeling. Here are some ideas for decorating a classic Christmas mantel:

  • Include a spread of red candles in typical Christmas scents.
  • Display classic Christmas character statues like Santa, reindeer, and elves.
  • Hang a lighted greenery garland across the mantel with ball ornaments hanging from it.
  • Place a mini Christmas tree on top of the mantel filled with ornaments and lights.
  • Hang up a lighted Christmas wreath above the mantel.
  • Display LED Christmas accents across the mantel for a magical look.

3. Fill Your Yard With Classic Christmas Characters & Accents

Classic Christmas Decorating Ideas - Christmas yard reindeer statues

When decorating your outdoor space for Christmas, don’t forget to decorate your front yard area. This area can help you complement your Christmas porch and it can give your home an even more festive look. Whether you want to go all out, or just add a subtle jolly feeling to your yard, you can easily create the classic Christmas theme of your dreams.

There are a variety of different types of decorations to include in your Christmas yard spread. Focus on using a good amount of lighted decorations for a magical nighttime display. Additionally, you should focus on using classic characters and the typical symbols of the Christmas season. Coordinate with your front porch decorations to make sure your entire outdoor space flows smoothly. Check out some yard decor ideas below for inspiration.

Classic Christmas Yard Decor Ideas

  • Add lighted candy cane stakes leading up the front pathway.
  • Use lighted reindeer statues around the yard.
  • Display an inflatable Santa for an eye-catching yard.
  • Add some Christmas sentiment yard stakes.
  • Set up an outdoor Christmas tree in the yard with lights and ornaments.
  • Display lighted Christmas gnomes along the front pathway.

4. Transform Your Bedroom For Christmas With Classic Sentiments & Colors

Classic Christmas Decorating Ideas - Christmas themed bedding

Your bedroom is another fun area of your home to fill with Christmas cheer. If you want to transform this room with the classic style, you can do so by including the red and green color scheme, buffalo plaid patterns, classic sentiments, lighted decorations, and much more. You can easily transform your bedroom into a full Christmas wonderland or a more subtle yet festive space.

The first place to start when bringing the classic Christmas theme to your bedroom is the bed. Add some festive bedding like a Christmas scene comforter, a red throw blanket, and Christmas sentiment throw pillows. Be sure to also include a mix of red and green throw pillows in addition to the sentiment pillows for a more complete look. You can also bring in plaid patterns on your bed to get that extra classic feeling.

Classic Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Throughout the rest of your room, include other Christmas accents to match your bed. There are many different types of decorations you can include throughout this space. Check out some ideas below for inspiration.

  • Display greenery garland across the top of your headboard filled with ball ornaments and lights.
  • Set up a Christmas tree in the corner of your room filled with ornaments and lights.
  • Decorate your dresser with character figurines, red candles, and lighted accents.
  • Display tall lanterns on the floor around your room.
  • Hang red and green string lights on the walls.
  • Use Christmas themed lampshades.
  • Hang up lighted Christmas wall art.

5. Use Christmas Themed Dishware & Accents In Your Kitchen

Christmas kitchen decor

Transform your kitchen area into a magical classic Christmas space with the help of dishware, themed utensils, and other fun and festive accents. You can easily create a beautiful classic appearance for the holidays by swapping out some of your typical kitchen items for Christmas themed ones. Then, add on some additional decorations, and before you know it you’ll have a jolly kitchen space.

Classic Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

When decorating your kitchen with the classic theme, make sure to include familiar characters, red and green color schemes, charming sentiments, and lighted decorations. Check out some ideas below to get started on your classic Christmas kitchen.

  • Display decorative plates on plate holders on the kitchen counter.
  • Use a Christmas themed tray on the kitchen island as a centerpiece with other accents.
  • Hang up themed oven mitts and pot holders.
  • Display matching hand towels and a kitchen mat with a Christmas design.
  • Use Christmas canisters to hold baking and cooking supplies.
  • Incorporate red and green candles around the kitchen.
  • Hang up a Christmas wall hanging in the kitchen.
  • Lay out greenery garland or string lights across the top of your cabinets.

6. Set Up Your Dining Table With A Full Spread Of Christmas Decor

Christmas dining table

Every classic Christmas theme needs a fully decorated dining table. You can decorate your table for a special Christmas dinner, but you can also keep your table decorated throughout the Christmas season. This will help you create a warm and welcoming appearance in your home all holiday season long.

Make sure to coordinate your dining table decorations with other decorations throughout your home to make it even easier to decorate. Create a full table display for a stunning look all season, or add some simple accents that will stand out nicely in the room. Check out some ideas below to get started on your classic dining table theme for Christmas.

Classic Christmas Dining Table Decor Ideas

  • Use a red or green table runner or tablecloth as the base of your table.
  • Display greenery garland across the table with red candles mixed in.
  • Use Christmas placemats at each place setting.
  • Set up a stack of red and green plates at each setting.
  • Display red napkins folded nicely with silverware.
  • Decorate the center of the table with a LED accent.
  • Show off a bowl of decorative pinecones in the center of the table.

7. Create A Cozy Christmas Seating Area In Your Home

Christmas seating area

Another important part of the classic Christmas theme is creating a cozy and warm feeling throughout your home. This will make your space feel extra charming and special during the holiday season. A great way to establish that coziness is to set up a Christmas themed seating area in your home.

The seating area can be in almost any area of your home. It can be in your entryway space, in the corner of your living room, at the end of your hallway, in the corner of your bedroom, or any other open space in your home. Whether you set up a small or large seating area, you can easily transform it into a comfortable and welcoming area for your classic Christmas theme.

How To Set Up A Cozy Christmas Seating Area

  1. Start with a comfortable bench. You can also use a simple chair if you are creating a smaller seating area.
  2. Next, add your cushions and throw pillows. Use Christmas themed ones for the ultimate festive appearance.
  3. Then, add a themed throw blanket on the bench or seat for extra coziness.
  4. Set up a faux fur rug underneath the bench to amplify the comfort in the space.
  5. Now it’s time to decorate the area around your bench or chair. Start with a small Christmas tree nearby fully decorated with ornaments and lights. Use a miniature tree if you’re decorating a smaller space.
  6. Bring in some tall LED lanterns on the floor surrounding the bench.
  7. If you have wall space to fill up, hang up string lights, a lighted wreath, or a Christmas wall hanging.
  8. Lastly, if you have additional space, display a classic Christmas character statue, like Santa, to complete the area.

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