How To Decorate A Country Christmas Tree

The country Christmas theme is a great choice if you want a charming and rustic home with touches of nostalgia and festive cheer. A big part of incorporating this theme into your home this holiday season is decorating a Christmas tree with the theme. There are so many ways to transform a Christmas tree into the country style with the help of ornaments, buffalo plaid patterns, rustic accents, and much more. Whether you want a subtle look or a bold appearance, here are some simple tips on how to decorate a country Christmas tree.

Use A Pre-Lit Christmas Tree To Make Decorating Easy

The first step in setting up a country Christmas tree is choosing your tree, of course! A pre-lit Christmas tree is a great choice because it saves you the hassle of stringing up your own lights. Find a pre-lit tree with warm toned lights, such as a warm white or even red. This warmth is the perfect way to set the tone for a rustic country theme throughout the rest of the tree.

How To Choose A Tree For Your Country Christmas Theme

In addition to finding a pre-lit tree, you also have to consider the color of the tree that you choose. The color can strongly affect the feeling of the theme and the the type of tone or mood you want to create. A green tree, a white tree, or a snow dusted tree are usually the best choices for a country theme. Each one will give off a slightly different country style; learn more below.

Classic Green Christmas Tree

The classic green Christmas tree is always a great go-to for any country style theme. It works especially well with a traditional country theme that includes charming sentiments, plaid patterns, and rustic materials. A green tree also pairs nicely with a burlap tree skirt or a wooden tree box.

White Christmas Tree

A white Christmas tree is a good choice for a farmhouse country theme. This includes barn animals, farm themed sentiments, and rustic wood materials. It tends to pair well with a red buffalo plaid tree skirt and gold tree topper.

Snow Dusted Christmas Tree

Use a snow dusted Christmas tree if you want to create a nostalgic country feeling. Combine country themed ornaments with winter accents for a comforting and magical appearance. This tree also pairs well with a wooden tree box or burlap tree skirt.

Add Some Country Themed Ornaments To The Christmas Tree

Every country Christmas tree needs to have a selection of charming ornaments to make the theme come alive. There are so many different directions you go in when it comes to country style ornaments, depending on the type of country theme you want. As mentioned before, you can go for a traditional country theme, a farmhouse country style, or a nostalgic winter country tree. Match your ornament style to the type of country look that you want. The more ornaments, the more you can emphasize on your theme!

Country Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas

When choosing country Christmas ornaments for your tree, lean towards rustic ones such as wood and galvanized metal. These are always a great go-to for any country style. You want to create a warm and charming tree to get the ultimate country appearance. Check out some ideas below to find ornament inspiration for your ideal country Christmas style.

Traditional Country Ornament Ideas

  • Burlap mini wreaths
  • Religious wooden ornaments
  • Barn star ornaments
  • Charming sentiment ornaments
  • Other rustic Christmas themed ornaments

Farmhouse Country Ornament Ideas

  • Barn themed sentiment ornaments
  • Farm animal ornaments
  • Galvanized metal windmill ornaments
  • Red truck ornaments
  • Burlap ornaments

Nostalgic Winter Country Ornament Ideas

  • Rustic wood Santa and reindeer ornaments
  • Wooden lantern ornaments
  • Holiday sentiment ornaments
  • Wooden tree shaped ornaments
  • Rustic snowflake ornaments

Fill Your Country Christmas Tree With Buffalo Plaid Accents

Another thing that every country Christmas tree needs is a touch a buffalo plaid. The buffalo plaid pattern is a nice choice for any country theme because it gives off a charming and homey feeling. It’s also perfect match for classic Christmas decor because it pairs well with any festive ornaments and decorations. You can even include buffalo plaid throughout other areas of the room to complement your beautiful tree.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

There are so many different ways you can include the buffalo plaid pattern on your country Christmas tree. Through ornaments, tree accents, tree toppers, and tree skirts, you can really make this pattern stand out on the tree nicely. Decide if you want a more subtle plaid look or go all out if you want a more bold style. You can find all different types of buffalo plaid patterned tree decorations; check out some ideas below for country inspiration.

  • Ribbons with buffalo plaid
  • Plaid patterned sentiment sign ornaments
  • Bows in the plaid pattern
  • Patterned tree skirt
  • Tree shaped ornaments decked out with plaid
  • Patterned tree topper (such as a star, top hat, or lantern)

Bonus: hang up buffalo plaid stockings near your tree and wrap all your gifts in buffalo plaid wrapping paper to make the theme come alive even more!

Add Some Finishing Touches To Your Country Christmas Tree

Now that you’ve filled your tree with lights, ornaments, and buffalo plaid accents, it’s time for the finishing touches. Every country Christmas tree needs some final touches to make it look complete and full. These finishing touches can include a tree topper, a tree skirt, other tree accents, and even some decorations nearby to match the tree.

No matter what country Christmas style you’re going with, you can easily add on these final touches to make the entire theme come together. Check out some ideas below for final touches to add to your country Christmas tree.

Final Touches To Add To Your Country Christmas Tree

  • Accessories and accents – add some ribbons, bows, pinecones, and ball ornaments to fill in empty spaces.
  • Tree topper – use a rustic star, buffalo plaid top hat, wooden lantern, or a rustic snowflake.
  • Tree skirt – display a buffalo plaid tree skirt, a galvanized metal tree collar, or a wood tree box.
  • Nearby decorations – add some other country Christmas themed decorations in the room nearby such as mantel accents, festive throw pillows, coffee table decorations, a themed rug, and much more.

Inspired by these country Christmas tree ideas? Check out our Trim the Tree section to find themed ornaments, pre-lit Christmas trees, tree accessories, tree toppers, tree skirts, and much more for a festive holiday season.

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