How To Make Your Living Room Cozy For Christmas

When decorating for Christmas, it’s important to make your space feel extra comfortable to stay warm during the winter weather. The cozier your place looks, the more special it will feel during the holiday season. If you’re looking to cozy up your living room for Christmas, you can do so with the help of soft fabrics, warm colors, magical lighting, and much more. Not sure where to begin? Here are some easy ideas on how to make your living room cozy for Christmas.

Fill Your Couch With Festive Christmas Throw Pillows

How To Make Your Living Room Cozy For Christmas - Christmas throw pillows

Throw pillows are always a great place to start when turning your living room into a cozier setting. Use a surplus amount of pillows on the couch to emphasize a comfy and cozy seating area. Adding extra pillows to your couch for the Christmas season will help you establish a welcoming and comfortable space. It’ll also help you set the stage to decorate the rest of your living room in a cozy Christmas style.

Depending on the size and shape of your couch, try decorating with a variety of different sized throw pillows to get a comfier appearance. Use pillows with Christmas sentiments, characters like Santa and reindeer, and plaid patterns for the full holiday effect. You can also mix in solid colored pillows to get a more balanced look. Make sure to coordinate your pillow colors and designs with other Christmas decorations throughout the room.

If you aren’t sure how many pillows to use, try using an odd number to set up pillow displays throughout your couch. For instance, you could set up three pillows on the left side of your couch, three in the middle, and three on the right side. You can even throw in some extra pillows in between these displays for a fuller look. When it comes to creating a cozy Christmas setting, almost any pillow arrangement will work as long as it’s comfortable and festive.

Make Your Living Room Cozy For Christmas With Faux Fur Accents

How To Make Your Living Room Cozy For Christmas - Faux fur rug

Another big part of making your living room cozy for Christmas is to decorate with the comfiest fabrics throughout the room. Faux fur is a great decor choice for your cozy Christmas living room because it gives off a warm, soft, and wintery feeling. This fabric is even more fitting for the Christmas season if you use the color white. This will amplify the winter vibes and give off a snowy effect.

Faux Fur Accent Ideas For A Cozy Christmas Living Room

There are so many different ways to include faux fur into your living room Christmas decor. Check out some ideas below to get started.

  • Lay down a large faux fur area rug.
  • Add a couple faux fur throw blankets to the couch.
  • Use a faux fur Christmas tree skirt.
  • Display a faux fur table runner across the mantel.
  • Use a faux fur basket for decorative storage.
  • Hang up some faux fur ornaments on the tree.
  • Decorate with a faux fur woodland animal statue.

In addition to faux fur, you can also decorate with other soft and warm fabrics throughout the living room to make you space feel extra cozy for Christmas. This can include fabrics like wool, flannel, silk, Sherpa, and fleece. Incorporate these fabrics throughout your living room to transform your space into a homey setting.

Use A Red & Gold Christmas Theme For A Comfy Living Room Space

How To Make Your Living Room Cozy For Christmas - red and gold Christmas living room

Just like fabrics, colors are another huge element of creating a cozy Christmas living room. The color scheme of your Christmas living room decorations can set the overall tone of the space. It’s important to choose wisely in order to create a warm and welcoming space that you can enjoy all holiday season long.

While many color combinations can work for a cozy Christmas living room, the traditional red and gold scheme is the perfect choice for the ultimate comfort. These colors are especially fitting if you’re decorating with a classic Christmas decor theme. Red is such a defining color of the Christmas holiday, while gold gives off that nostalgic and classic feeling. Paired with green as the accent color, this mix of colors can give your living room space a beautiful appearance.

How To Decorate Your Christmas Living Room With A Red & Gold Theme

  1. A great place to start with your red and gold theme is the Christmas tree. Setting up a tree with your color scheme can help establish the look for the rest of the room. Decorate your tree with red and gold ball ornaments, warm colored string lights, and a gold star tree topper. You can also include a gold or red tree skirt for extra flair.
  2. Next, bring in some red and gold throw pillows. Make sure to also include a couple of green or white pillows to balance out the look.
  3. Then, decorate your mantel with the color scheme. Include accents like red candles, a gold reindeer statue, and a greenery garland to match the tree. You can also hang up a wreath above the mantel with some red and gold ball ornaments hanging from it.
  4. Accent your coffee table with the theme by setting up a decorative tray. Place some red ball ornaments inside of the tray with a gold tree figurine in the center.
  5. Feel free to include other red and gold elements throughout the room. Make sure to also include some extra decorations in a neutral color like white or brown to balance out the colors nicely.

Get A Cozy Christmas Living Room With A Festive Windowsill Display

Christmas windowsill display

Another way to amplify the coziness in your Christmas living room is to set up unique spreads of decorations throughout your space. Making the room look extra festive is a great way to set the scene for a welcoming Christmas space. The windowsill is the perfect area to create an unexpected Christmas display. Decorate this space with a spread of festive accents to instantly transform your living room space.

How To Decorate A Christmas Windowsill Display

There are many different directions you can go in when setting up your windowsill display. For instance, you can center it around a specific Christmas theme like winter wonderland, or you can coordinate it with the color scheme of the rest of your Christmas living room. No matter what style you choose to decorate in, your windowsill display will help to make the space feel extra cheerful and comfy throughout the holiday season. Check out some ideas below for what to include in your windowsill display.

  • Add some throw pillows to the windowsill for a warm and cozy touch.
  • Display candles in warm Christmas scents like cinnamon, pine, vanilla, or sandalwood.
  • Set up a charming Christmas sentiment sign on the windowsill.
  • Decorate with holiday theme character figurines like reindeer, Santa, or elves.
  • Display string lights across the surface of the windowsill and around the window frame.
  • Place some gifts on the windowsill for an extra festive touch.

Add Lighted Decor To Your Living Room For The Ultimate Cozy Christmas Scene

Christmas tree and string lights on mantel

The last element of a cozy Christmas living room is the lighting. Lighting can make or break the mood of a space, so make sure to decorate wisely. Using warm lights throughout your living room is a great way to add to that soft and comfy feeling in that space. Find creative ways to use lighted decorations and string lights around the room for the ultimate warm and charming scene.

Lighted Christmas Decor Ideas For The Living Room

While your lighted Christmas tree is typically the center of attention in your living room, you’ll also want to include other lighted decorations to make the rest of the room feel more magical for the holidays. Use mostly warm toned lighted to keep the space feeling calm and comfortable. You can also use red or green colored lights to give the room an extra festive touch. Check out lighted decor ideas below for your cozy Christmas living room.

  • Hang string lights across the mantel.
  • Display LED candles on the coffee table.
  • Hang up a lighted Christmas scene wall hanging.
  • Use lighted stockings to hang from the mantel.
  • Decorate with lighted Christmas figurines on the mantel or coffee table.
  • Display a lighted greenery garland across the mantel or across the coffee table.
  • Set up a lamp with a festive holiday lampshade.
  • Display LED candles inside of your fireplace (if you don’t use the fireplace).
  • Hang a lighted wreath above the mantel.

Ready to create your cozy Christmas living room? Shop our Christmas Decor & More section to get started! Find beautiful lighted decorations, comfortable throw pillows and blankets, festive tabletop accents, candles, Christmas tree ornaments, and much more to set up the ultimate comfy living room.

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